Flying Spaghetti Monster Protein September 20, 2008

Flying Spaghetti Monster Protein

If the protein in our body bends in a particular way, it seems we could get up close and personal with our Maker:

Worshiper Ivy said this:

Recently, I have been doubting my faith in the FSM. I take this as a sign that he is still with me. I have never felt more touched than I do now.

Repent now before it’s too late.


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  • mikespeir

    B-but…where’s the rest of him?

  • cipher

    Several months ago, I happened upon a fundie website on which a woman was talking about an apologist who had come to her church with a PowerPoint presentation. One of the slides showed a protein configured in the shape of a cross, which proved that Jesus created her.

    I guess we can show them this, now.

  • Epistaxis

    What protein is that? Pastafari-in?

  • kevin


    The name of the protein is Laminin.

    Just Google “Laminin cross jesus” and be in awe of the stupidity.


  • anon

    Is this the mysterious god particle?

  • cipher

    The name of the protein is Laminin.

    Yeah, that was it. I didn’t realize that PZ had blogged about it. And the woman on the blog in your second link said, “Does God have a sense of humor or what!” Right. Someone else said this earlier today in one of the other threads – fundies seem to lack the gene for appreciating irony.

    Christianity, man. Just… argh.

  • cipher

    Here’s another one that was going around at the same time:

    The Hubble Telescope found a nebula in the shape of a cross. God put it there so we’d see it and know that He created us and loves us.

    I am so sick of this country.

  • I don’t think christians or myself ever said it proves Jesus made us.

  • marc


    years ago I heard about a bunch of Christianists getting exited about gravitationally lensed quasars: called “Einstein’s Cross”.

    In the absence of good reasons to believe, they make up bad ones and substitute appropriately.

    Yeah… Sick of this country.

  • I think it looks like elaborate fallopian tubes. What can I say, I have a deep appreciation for the female reproductive system.

    We’re human beings, we’re good at seeing patterns. That doesn’t mean that something that looks like something else is that thing. It just means it looks like it…a bit. Is this such a difficult concept to accept?

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