Born Again: The Documentary September 15, 2008

Born Again: The Documentary

In case ou have 90 minutes to spare, you might want to check out Born Again, a documentary by filmmaker Markie Hancock about her evangelical Christian life and her decades-long attempt to leave it.

I have not yet seen the entire film, so I’ll reserve judgment on it.

That website, SnagFilms, also seems like a good place to check out other documentaries if you want to support independent media.

(Thanks to Richard for the link!)

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  • mikespeir

    Well, I tried to watch it. Got well into it when it just kinda gave out on me. I couldn’t do anything but start over, and I didn’t find it that enthralling. It’s kinda aggravating that there’s no provision for picking up where you might’ve left off from a session earlier. Few people are going to watch a whole 90-minute film in one swell foop.

  • Ross

    I’m not sure if it’s my connection (which has been known to crap out on me at times) or the site, but I seemed to have pretty consistent problems getting the stream. The audio and video would get “jumpy” and “boxy” every few minutes, and I’d have to pause. Doesn’t really seem to have much of a pre-buffer thing going on.

    I saw about half of it and it was pretty alright. Interesting perspective on how her leaving the religion affected their family.

  • Dheak

    I watched the whole thing and it’s not bad. It’s more about the filmmaker coming to grips with her homosexuality and the adverse affects it has on her relationships with her religious parents and brother than it is about atheism, per se. I enjoyed the movie. Coming from a strict religious upbringing myself, watching the filmmaker’s struggle to tell her parents about her views kind of mirrored my journey with atheism. It was rather encouraging to see that she had one brother, at least, who also decided to live his life without religion so she wasn’t completely ostracized by her family.

    Aside from that, the display format sucked. It started with a commercial and then proceeded to break several times during the broadcast to show the same exact commercial at an annoyingly elevated volume.

  • bob

    I loved the narration, the old family footage. I found it held my interest. That from a 50 year old white male heterosexual.

  • Doug

    What a tragic and sad family story. The film maker and her brother Mike blame religion for their divided relationships. This is understandable, and in part, so true. Yet we do not see Markie or Mike accept responsibility for their own choices in those divisions. A very human thing to do.

  • Doug

    What do you think of the film’s story, Hemant?

  • What do you think of the film’s story, Hemant?

    Doug — I didn’t get to see the whole movie, only parts of it. But based on the recs, it sounds pretty good!

  • The Truth Be Told

    This is not a hate speech or any attacks. It is my conclusion after seeing BA’s in action and forcing their beliefs on the weak and naive. Lord knows when Christ was on this earth he did not practice this.

    Born agains are freaks plain and simple.

    They have been brainwashed to the point they will lie, cheat, and sneak to get what they want in business, with friends and family, and slaughter you with THEIR view of the Bible. They prey on the under educated (Africa is a favorite target), jail birds (meetings with those in jail), naive teens in their development stages of making informed judgments, and anyone else who is an easy target. They all hate Catholics…I’ve even read about a born again mission to Ireland to rescue women that were forced to be nuns! These people are wacked! In comparison they are as dangerous to a society as Hitler’s Gestapo was in Europe.

    When you run into one, don’t be nice since that is one of their sneaky tactics and run as far way from them as you can. If you are in a store or in line to purchase something, drop it and tell the manager on your way out you don’t want to shop there because of born again freaks solicitation on their premise.

    The born again club/society has gone far enough. God only speaks to BA’s, only BA’s will go to heaven, and on and on with their hypocrisy. Since they are brainwashed to the danger point, it is hard or impossible to stop them. Any engagement with them is usually fruitless because they are so clever and manipulative and have so many HIDDEN agendas. You can not trust them in any way, form shape, or matter. Period.

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