No Hitter? September 14, 2008

Carlos Zambrano of the Chicago Cubs has a no-hitter going through 8…

***Update***: 8 1/3

***Update***: 8 2/3… one more out to go…

***Update***: HE DID IT!!!


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  • Way to go Cubbies!

  • the Shaggy

    Praise jesus! ;-P

  • Dustin

    I could have gone to this game but as a Brewers fan I couldn’t bring myself to cheer for the Cubs (and pay the “marquee” price for tickets) even though their success vs. the Astros helps our team. The way the Brewers have played so far in September, it probably won’t matter. Oh well, Packers and Jets football in HD >>> baseball at the moment.

  • Desert Son

    Go White Sox! 🙂

    But, congratulations, Carlos (and the Cubs, too, I guess . . . [sulk, sulk])! A no-hitter is a helluva thing to achieve.

    No kings,


  • I know we’re all atheists here and don’t buy into any superstitions and all, but…

    You DO NOT mention a no-hitter while it is happening. I’m sorry, but my baseball fanatic side seems to be outweighing my rationalist side this morning.

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