Is Your Atheist Paraphernalia in Storage? September 14, 2008

Is Your Atheist Paraphernalia in Storage?

On the bottom of a massive bookshelf in my bedroom, I have a shelf full of atheist bumper stickers, Darwin Fishes, atheist organizations’ brochures, an OUT campaign pin, Jesus dolls that were given to me as gifts, etc. In my closet, I have 83423 shirts dealing with Jesus/atheism/God in humorous or outspoken ways.

How many of those bumper stickers are on my car? How many of the shirts do I wear on a regular basis?

None of them.

Partly because I don’t feel the need to announce my atheism everywhere I go, partly because I like my job, and partly because I like my car.

(When I go to atheist events, though, I have the flair oozing out of me.)

Sarah H‘s friend doesn’t use his atheist swag, either.

She raises some interesting questions:

While driving today, a friend told me he was going to take the Darwin fish off the back of his car. He said he didn’t think it was making any positive difference or useful point.

It got me thinking about symbols (that, and Hemant’s blog post about dying for symbols) of non-belief and of other secular/scientific beliefs. I have a scarlet A on my facebook profile — simple, but clear — and while the symbol itself isn’t anything I’m attached to, I think it’s serving a useful purpose there.

I would definitely be angry if atheists weren’t allowed their Darwin fish and their A’s.

Yet whenever I see a van or a truck or a car (although it’s usually a van or a truck) covered in God Bless America ribbons and Jesus fish and religious bumper stickers (Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve), I roll my eyes and sigh, for various reasons. I don’t know that a Darwin fish is any more tasteful or useful than a Jesus fish when attached to car.

What do you guys think? Do you wear/carry/stick any symbols relating to science or atheism or secularism in your daily life? Do you think they’re serving a useful purpose? Why do (or don’t) you use them?

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  • I have a shirt that says “Godless” that I wear occasionally, but only to a bar where I pretty much know everyone. I don’t have any stickers or emblems on my car. I don’t feel the need to advertise my atheism, yet at the same time, I don’t want to keep it completely hidden.

  • Miko

    Political campaigns seem to think that plastering their candidates’ names everywhere is worth spending money on and I don’t think they’d do that unless they had research showing that such peer pressure actually had an effect.

    That being said, if I met someone who said they supported evolution based on the fact that they’d seen Darwin fish all over the place, I’d honestly prefer that they didn’t support evolution, since their ignorant ‘assessment of the evidence’ would just make us all look bad.

    If you own your car, you are (and should be) free to put whatever you want on it. But I doubt your bumper is large enough for you to say anything really meaningful.

    Regarding clothing and apparel, the situation is a bit different. I personally don’t wear things too often (beyond the occasional math-themed T-shirt worn when I’m discussing a related concept in one of my classes), but I can see an argument in their favor: while they themselves are too small to contain a worthwhile argument, they do indicate a certain fact about you, enabling those with similar interests to quickly realize the connections and enabling others to question you about it if they’re interested. Simply put, wearing an atheist symbol (say) is a quicker, subtler, and less invasive way of achieving the effect of saying “By the way, I’m an atheist” to every person that you meet.

  • When I see a Darwin fish I think “good, I am not alone out here”. 🙂

    Nevertheless, I don’t have one on my car; I do have a political sticker on my truck.

  • Jick

    I used to have a t-shirt that said “In God We Trust, Inc,” (the old Dead Kennedys album) and had “Freedom From Religion” on the back. That was a fun one to wear in high school.

    If there were a bumper sticker that had Woody Allen’s line “Not only is there no God, but try finding a plumber on weekends,” I’d put it on my car. Most every other option I’ve seen sold isn’t funny enough to justify buying multiple copies of to be able to react to the inevitable vandalism with necessary quickness.

  • [1] Do you wear/carry/stick any symbols relating to science or atheism or secularism in your daily life? [2] Do you think they’re serving a useful purpose? [3] Why do (or don’t) you use them?

    1. Yes, I have some pins that I wear fairly regularly.

    2. I think advertising your atheism serves a purpose in cultures where atheism is less common than it is here – it alerts people to your presence and that is the only real way to normalise it!

    3. I, like all other humans, like to identify as part of a group, and this is the group I’ve chosen. Also the Darwin and FSM fishes are just so cute.

  • I’ve had one version or other of the Darwin fish – original, Evolve, Darwina, etc. – on my car since a friend bought one for me (emblem, not car) in 1991. I’m with Ollie. I like seeing other “atheist” stickers out there, and I hope when people see mine, they will feel as though they are not alone. I also have a COEXIST magnet with the letters spelled out in NASA images rather than religious symbols.

    I only recently felt strongly enough about an election to put a Charlie Brown for Congress sticker on my car, to be followed soon by an Obama/Biden magnet, although those will probably be removed after they both win their respective elections 🙂

  • TolgaK

    I’m not a fan of putting anything on cars, as stickers and emblems ruin the look. But if I did, I would avoid atheist items simply because I value my tires and my paintjob.

    I don’t care much to display my beliefs anyway. I’d rather let people learn about me through conversation.

  • Gav

    I have a black hooded top, which has on it (in black also, but it’s visible if you see what I mean) the ‘A’, atheism symbol.

    It looks pretty darned cool, and on the back, where the hood ‘lies’ is an image of the jesus fish ‘evolving’. Again, in black.

    One pretty damn cool hoodie, I must say. Custom made from Spreadshirts.

    I do also have things like “Atheism: A non prophet organisation” T-Shirts, but I only tend to wear them on Sundays.

  • Sudo

    The Darwin fishes make me roll my eyes, just like the cars with Jesus fish on the trunk hauling ass and cutting people off in traffic.

    I wouldn’t put any atheist paraphernalia on my car either; the increased risk of vandalism seems to high to me.

    T-shirts, however, I would wear – if I had any.

  • Becky

    We were thinking about getting a Darwin Fish or a FSM for our car simply because of all the Jesus fish we see, and wanting to show OUR alliance. But, we decided against it, as we like our car and really do not want it getting vandalized. As for other things…not much at all. I have one shirt which is my pride and joy.. it’s a Tori Amos concert shirt which reads on the front: Recovering Christian. (and on the back, “Still Recovering” and the artist info) It holds so true for me, that I knew I had to get it. I hardly wear it, though. Mostly, because I wear T-shirts to work, and I could offend a ton of people there; no need. (I also wear a specific brand of T-shirt to see if anyone notices it….long story.) I also have a fun Tori Amos shirt what reads: Satin Worship; not really Atheist, but fun nonetheless. I really don’t wear/use too much Atheist stuff, b/c I don’t see too many christians locally advertise their religion (other than jesus fish) so why should I? No need to start fights. I am not afraid to say, read God Delusion in public tho. 🙂

  • Jews aren’t typically fearful to wear their yalmuka in public and when racial hatred’s boil over and someone spraypaints swastikas on their garage door, we all are outraged. And rightly so. People should not be terrorized for displaying what they believe.

    Similarly, when an atheist’s car is keyed because he has a Darwin Fish, we should all be outraged at this. And yet, too many look at this as fair play for the insult they are heaping upon their Christian symbol.

    Why is that? As Americans, we shouldn’t even have to ask why, it should be self evident. It is simply wrong to treat human beings that way.

  • Varda35

    Well, I have a shirt that says “Silly Christian Myths are for kids!” … but I only wear that when I really want to piss people off.

  • Harknights

    Geis – I think you hit the nail on the head.

    I have a perception that in the U.S. it is ok to do whatever to an atheist because “they asked for it.”

    …and that is why the only thing I show in public is my FSM sticker on my car.

  • Wes

    As much as I appreciated the Friendly Atheist wristband I won a few weeks back, I haven’t actually worn it once. But that has more to do with the fact that I have skinny-wrist-itis (wristbands, watches etc. look really silly on me) than with any embarrassment or problem over wearing Friendly Atheist swag.

  • I live above the bible belt and am surrounded by people of faith, so when I see somebody proudly displaying their atheism it makes me smile. I personally don’t have anything, not that I wouldn’t show it off, I just have never went out and bought anything atheist related. I mostly just express myself on the net and try to educate others.

  • By the way, I stated above that I have had a Darwin fish on my car since 1991 – I’ve never had my car vandalized, either here in California or when I lived in Indiana.

    I also have a small round letter “A” sticker on my side back window.

  • I’ve never had more than minimal “atheist swag,” but I think it can serve a useful function. Much like you though, I’d prefer not to have my car vandalized or to be assaulted by swarms of enraged Christians.

  • I have a “Militant Agnostic: I Don’t Know and You Don’t Either” sticker on my truck. It has elicited a few favorable comments in parking lots. I also have a sticker that reads: “[/superstition]” but hardly anyone gets it unless I park near a college.

  • Finn

    I have a FSM and an IPU on the bumper of my car. They’re silver, they sort of go, and they’re way more subtle than a Darwin fish – you have to already know what they are to “get” it. It always made me smile to see them on the cars of others, so I finally went out and nabbed a couple from the local gamer store (Dragons Lair, it’s a bit famous in Austin). I was utterly convinced that they’d get ripped off on day one, but it’s been a couple months so far and nothing. I think they’re less inflammatory, and your average angry redneck is less likely to know what they even stand for to get annoyed with them.

    As others have said, I see it more as connecting with other nonbelievers more than making a statement about yourself. I could care less about announcing my atheism to the theists around me, but if the advert goes unnoticed by them but helps me gain a like-minded friend, it’s a win/win as far as I’m concerned.

  • Richard Wade

    I don’t have any paraphernalia. I wrote a post about one reason why, but it was generally not received well. I didn’t mention the other reason that I don’t advertise my viewpoints on my car and my person, FEAR. I am in awe of those who do, especially wearing t-shirts and buttons. Your unguarded car is a target, but still it’s just metal. You’re not concerned about having your face vandalized by Bubba, the self-apponted Defender of the Faith? I’m able to effectively defend myself if I have to, but I really would rather not have to. Maybe I’m still at the effect of school bullies half a century ago. Yes I’m afraid, but at least I’m not afraid to say that I’m afraid. If that’s any compensation. I’d like to venture into being more expressive in public, but… (biting fingernails) Can anybody help me out with some encouraging stories?

  • Julie

    I kind of want a “darwin fish” on my car, but I know my boyfriend’s very religious parents would be offended by it, so I don’t have one.

  • I have a Minnesota Atheists window cling in my car.

    I also will wear a “Secular Values Voter” button from the Secular Coalition for America. That has been the most effective swag. People actually ask, “What is a Secular Values Voter?” And, I’ll respond with something like, “You know, using reason and evidence for our laws, rather then just religion. That means teaching science in school, rather then creationism, and ending discrimination against homosexuals by our government, things like that.” More then one time, the other person gets really excited about it, and wants to find out more. Then I’ll give that person my button, and make another for myself. If anyone wants a Secular Values Voter button to try this out for yourself, email me and I’ll mail you one, or a couple.

  • My answer to the Jesus car swag is pretty innocuous. It’s a bumper sticker that asks, “Do you have evidence to support that claim?”


  • Konstanty

    I ware one of those “We have the fossils, we win.” T-Shirts once in a blue moon, and I have a secular student alliance sticker on my laptop.

  • SarahH

    My answer to the Jesus car swag is pretty innocuous. It’s a bumper sticker that asks, “Do you have evidence to support that claim?”

    That sounds pretty perfect 🙂

    To those who’ve posted about vandalism worries, my friend’s Darwin fish wasn’t totally intact. It’s upper fin line was torn off, most likely as a result of someone trying to remove it. We joked for awhile that it had evolved beyond the need for fins and now had grown a tail.

    It definitely depends on what part of the country you live in, I think, when it comes to the consequences of displaying these symbols.

  • Amy

    I have an IPU on my car, it’s been there for nearly 2 years. I have yet to have any sort of reaction from it, good or bad.

    Perhaps I need to get something that more people have heard of, like the FSM, but the fact that I have my young son in the car with me most of the time makes me hesitant to do anything that might provoke a rabid christian.

    As it stands I think very few people know what the IPU is.

  • Bjorn and Jeannette also made a button that says “Atheists Vote” and I wear that to political fundraisers, as a reminder to the atheists and a warning to the politicians.

  • Richard Wade


    As it stands I think very few people know what the IPU is.

    Yep. I had to look it up to remind myself where I’d heard of that. If you have the spiky-thing-and-circle logo, people may be assuming you’re a harmless Trekkie instead of a dangerous, evil atheist.

  • Audrey

    I wear my old UMN CASH (Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists, before they changed their name to Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists) t-shirt from college whenever I can when driving through small town Wisconsin because having people stare at me in wayside cheese stores makes me laugh.

    I wear my Secular Values Voter shirt everywhere, but no one has asked me about it yet — living in Chicago has perks.

    I’d rather wear t-shirts than have a bumper sticker because I think people are less likely to beat someone up than key an impersonal object like a car. Also, the car technically belongs to my spouse.

  • Scorpious

    I have a couple athiest bumper stickers on my truck and had an Atheist Fish trailer hitch guard, the kind that inserts into where the ball slides on. I say had because it got broken by either someone trying to break it or me backing into something. I also have a few shirts from TAM and one I found at Mall of America with a whole bunch of religions and what they would say about shit. I love that one.

  • Radovan Karadzic

    Here in Texas, it’s okay to have a Jesus Fish on your car, but a Darwin Fish makes you a legitimate (in the eyes of the locals) target.

    They’re all for freedom of expression as long as it agrees with their parents/ancestors pick of The One True Religion. Otherwise, it’s okay to kill you.

  • Ubi Dubium

    I have the Pastafarian Pirate Fish on my car. My reason (like some commenters above) is that it’s generally only recognizable by the people that I want to reach, and the fundies generally don’t know what it is. (I’ve also considered the IPU for the same reason.) Also, if anyone asks me what it is, that gives me an opening to talk about the importance of the separation of church and state. I have a “liberal” pin that I wear to political events, but it’s rare that I find somewhere to wear my “Friendly Atheist” wristbands.

  • I have the fsm fish on my car and the word “imagine”. I began placing them on my car when I spotted another fsm fish/darwin fish (can’t remember which). It felt good to know I wasn’t alone. In Missouri, it’s pretty lonely to be a progressive atheist sometimes. I like to let others know their not alone. I like to let others know they aren’t the only view out there. I’m not any more obvious because I do fear for my job. My car has never been keyed or damaged in any way. I wear atheist shirts all the time. Everywhere I turn I see Christians wearing their church shirts, so I wear mine. I can only assume there are children in that church who don’t believe and feel trapped. That was once me. I had absolutely no one to turn to. I simply didn’t believe. I figure my shirt might speak to someone somewhere sometime. Someone like me. You never know.

  • It makes me feel so good when I see another atheist.

  • I don’t really feel the need to announce my atheism to fellow drivers, so I don’t have anything on my car that would suggest that.

    I do wear a happy humanist necklace. It’s never struck up any conversation though.

    I really do hate seeing minivans covered in Christian bumper stickers and fish emblems. It’s disgusting and screams “I don’t like to think for myself.”

  • JohnB

    It always makes me smile when I see a Darwin fish on someone’s car and I really want to put one on mine for the same reason, to let others know they’re not alone.

    But I’m not heavily into symbols or even announcing anything about my interests in such a public, random way. Maintain a little mystery, I say.

  • benjdm

    Can anybody help me out with some encouraging stories?

    I’ve had lots of positive comments when I wear my Happy Atheist shirt out in public (something I’ve done fairly often for the last few years.) The only negative ones were:

    A confused cashier who didn’t know what ‘atheist’ meant and asked if I didn’t believe in anything.

    A few glares that I never noticed but my wife tells me I’ve received.

    That’s it.

    Go for it, Richard!

  • My Darwin Fish has a double meaning, along with the Apple sticker right next to it, since I also play around with Apple’s open source Darwin OS.

  • Epistaxis

    When I had a car, it had a Darwin fish sticker on it. I like others to know they’re not alone.

    But I was such a terrible driver that I thought about peeling it off, just to avoid giving people a bad impression of atheists.

  • RHawk68

    I usually wear my “ATHEIST” shirt when I go jogging or work out. It helps keep the lanes and machines clear for me. lol

    sigh… On another note, is the reason that my house was ripped apart and so many friends have Hurricane Ike damage because I am an atheist? Did god send a hurricane to punish me Pat Robertson?

  • Um, does my white hood and t-shirt with a recipe for good baby count?

  • I have several atheist t-shirts that I wear all the time. Living on a small military base, I feel they serve the purpose of reminding people that not everyone associated with the military is religious. More practically, the shirts have actually helped me make friends since other nonreligious people on base have sought me out because of them.

  • Jen

    I thought about it for a while and I don’t have any atheist swag. Partially, I am trying to have a more adult wardrobe, which means buying shirts with work potential rather than t-shirts. Also, I don’t have bumper stickers, because my father instilled in me from a very early age that you just don’t do that to cars. I don’t know how likely it would be that my car would be vandalized, though. I am more worried that the GPS will be stolen.

    I do feel a little thrilled when I see bumper stickers I agree with, and irrationally irritated with those I disagree with. “Goddamn pro-life bastards can’t drive their SUVS….”

  • KeaponLaffin

    The back of my lille Toyota is plastered with stickers. I was drunk at the time I ordered them.
    In rational sobriety I like them. I have the standard FSM stickers, a ‘Shove religion down my throat and I’ll shove my boot up your’ know the rest, some anti-ID stickers, ‘Fine. I evolved, you didn’t’..stuff like that. I got em before the big red ‘A’ became popular so I don’t have that one.
    I’m also politically conservative, so I have alot of those stickers as well. Remember that I ordered them while drunk, so you can imagine what those may be. Jack Bauer For President is the least offensive.
    Reason I like them now is I like to think it confuses people and may actually cause them to think. Which is good. Not many people consider that conservative atheists even exist. So I consider myself a good signpost for ‘We’re not all the same’. Ya know, we don’t all eat babies or whatever. 😉
    Also, living in the South, I consider it my duty to prove we’re not all BibleBelters. On a positive note my car or home has not been vandalized. And the stickers may help keep door-to-door religious salespeople from knocking more often. Not really, the big dogs proly help.

    I think it does serve a useful purpose in simply announcing my existence. Also as previous commenters have noted, it’s a sign to others who still may be ‘in the closet’ that they are not alone. I’ve had no negative reactions, even from my Baptist mom(never officially told her I was an atheist, but when my car was parked in her driveway for 2 weeks while I was on vacation…she did notice the stickers). We still never had that awkward conversation, but perhaps now we’ll never have to. I admit I’m a wimp, but for some like me(wimpy) with very moderate and liberal-type religious family members, it may be the best way to..have that conversation, but not really..and not cause any verbal argument which we all know would go nowhere and do nothing good for family harmony.

  • Richard Wade

    Thanks, benjdm for your encouragement. I’ll start by sallying forth with a pro-science T-shirt. It’s amazing how paranoid and rational I can be at the same time.

  • Axegrrl

    I don’t have any atheist/agnostic stickers on my car, but in the mid ’80s, when those ‘baby on board’ signs first came out, I put a sign in the back window of my parents’ car that said: “no baby in car – go ahead and hit me

    My father, fearing that someone would take it literally, removed it every time he drove it 🙂

  • I think Atheist Ethicist pinned something down when he wrote:

    I used to think that lawn signs, bumper stickers, buttons, and T-shirts promoting a political candidate were nonsense. You can’t learn about a candidate from a bumper sticker or a yard sign.

    But that sticker or sign does carry information. It says, “I support this candidate.” In a world where a great many people form their beliefs using the bandwagon fallacy (where it is efficient and rational to do so), the thing to do is to get as many people as possible to shout as loudly as possible, “I support this candidate!”

    Then the question falls on whether atheism and apostasy necessarily is a purely rational decision. I can see someone coming out as an atheist because there is less social pressure due to a higher societal presence of atheism, but not necessarily convincing anyone to renounce religion.

  • Iztok

    The only thing I have on my car is a license plate frame saying

    Atheist – In Reason We Trust

    Last week when I was at Carowinds amusement park someone decided it is their duty to leave a note on my windshield because of it. “Please read 1 Cor and 2 Cor. God bless.” was written with crayons on a church bulletin.

    I was bit upset. I don’t go write notes on their cars for their tags… but I was glad they didn’t vandalize my car. I just wish person would leave some sort of contact info so we could grab coffee and discuss.

  • Hey, I’ll take that atheist swag! We don’t have anything at all for sale where I live. I’d be glad to wear a snarky t-shirt or have a bumper sticker or something.

  • Oh, and for those worried that a Darwin Fish will get your car vandalized, August Berkshire, in Minnesota, has an ATHEIST license plate, among other snarky bumper stickers, and nothing has happened to his car yet, and he’s had that for years.

    I think people are afraid of appearing different then others, like it’ll cause trouble at work, or with family, but I’ve found that just a sticker, or a button, can start meaningful dialog. Sure, you aren’t converting anyone, but someone may listen to your opinion.

    On this issue of converting people to atheism, I think that’s a silly notion, but I do think that letting people know that they aren’t alone, and that there are other people out there who don’t have a belief in a god, can be the push someone needs to maybe let their family know, maybe stop going to church because they don’t want to rock the boat, etc.

    The offer for a free “Secular Values Voter” button still stands!

  • I’ve been tempted to buy a Russell’s Teapot shirt from, mostly because it wouldn’t be an obvious poke in the nose for any faithful around here, but would be a subtle clue for like-minded individuals. I’m atheist but I’m not pushy about it. I don’t think being obnoxious does “the cause” any great favours.

  • Randy

    Have to wonder where you guys live or your just overly paranoid. Had my Darwin fish for years and no vandalism. Thats about the only thing I have athiest related on my vehicle. I get more comments on my falconry association sticker.

  • Les

    I don’t have any atheist swag myself. There’s plenty of T-shirts and bumper stickers that I’ve thought about buying, but have never gotten around to doing so. I’ve always found other ways to spend the money.

    I do have a boat load of books on the subject of religion and atheism, though, and those are largely on my bookshelf in plain sight.

  • Polly

    I’ll settle for two T-shirts:

    “Member of America’s most distrusted minority”


    “Atheist” written in all the languages that I know how to write it in.

    The only atheist-gear I own (and wear) are the wristbands from Hemant!

  • Jim

    I have a red “A” tattoed on my left forearm. Yes, it’s very visable.

  • Margy

    I have both an FSM and a Darwin fish on my Prius. I stuck them on the back window so I don’t have to worry about the paint job. I enjoy having them there; they make me smile, and I’ve received several favorable comments and questions about them over the years. I’ve never been vandalized, but I do live in Northern California. If I were still living in Texas, I don’t know if I’d be so brave. Texas is my home state and there are some wonderful people there, but there are also a huge number of hard-core religionistas who would think nothing of damaging someone else’s property to make a point.

  • actually, I sometimes wear my FSM t-shirt. Few know what it means. 🙂

  • Laura

    I don’t think atheists need the kind of constant reassurance that the religious folks seem to. Perhaps atheists simply have more defined senses of self and don’t see a need to shout it from the mountaintops? Or perhaps it is simply a question of etiquette, because it’s poor manners to discuss religion and politics when you’re not sure who you will offend in a mixed-company or public setting. The streets are about as mixed-company as any setting could be… just my opinion, but I am always slightly annoyed by the fish thingies and wonder who they think they are convincing by displaying them like that. Rather like a child seeking the approval of the adults nearby…

  • RobL

    I dont put bumper stickers or bling on my car – I dont presume to think people really care what my opinion is or that bumper stickers change anyones mind.

    What surprises me is how many business around this area (Eastern Washington) put Christian bling in their logos and advertising. Brinks security here uses a cross in place of the I in Brinks (“Total Protection” is their slogan. I guess when you get broken into their systems call Jesus as well as the cops). A very large landscaping company called “Living Waters” puts biblical verses on their billboard ads, and it goes on.

    Am I just surrounded by nuts or is this typical across the country?

  • JSug

    I work for a small start-up tech company. I know for a fact that the two founders are both Christians, though I don’t know what denomination, or to what level of devotion. I just avoid religious-themed discussions at work. Not that I think they would take any direct action against me, but I fear it might set up some negative bias in their subconscious.

  • Awesomesauce

    Bjorn Watland

    What is the email address that I can request secular values voter pins?

  • You can send requests for Secular Values Voter buttons to:
    bjorn (dot) watland (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Puts me in mind of my Oz experience.

    I sewed the Canadian flag on my backpack. After all, everyone else did.

    Then while I was down there I listened to some of the things my countrypersons said about why it was there.

    The primary reason seemed to be “To distinguish ourselves from American tourists.”

    Yet the ones I heard most vociferously running down American tourists inevitably seemed to be engaged in the sort of stupid behaviour that such tourists were so badly ragged for.

    So I cut the flag off and let people ask me, rather than have them assume I was some flag-waving jerk with a desperate need to distance myself from my North American co-citizens.

    I feel no need to profess atheism on a shirt or a bumper sticker. The gradiations between atheists are too subtle to be expressed in one line.

    I’ll let people ask me.

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