Is Barack Obama a Muslin? September 13, 2008

Is Barack Obama a Muslin?

Find out the truth about this rumor.

Don’t forget to read the footnotes.

And then read the comments on this discussion thread — some of the funniest I’ve seen in recent memory.

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  • Erik

    Those Reddit comments had me rolling.

  • David Crespo

    Wow, Reddit really is better than Digg? Crap. I thought those people were just trolling.

    The Reddit comments were awesome.

  • Obama is a Muslim who attended a United Church of Christ which had a wacko minister.

    (I wonder if the people who say this understand the phrase “cognitive dissonance”)

  • who cares if he is?

  • Margy

    I’m with writerdd. Seems like “Muslim” is going the way of “liberal” these days, isn’t it?

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