I Know Who God Is September 6, 2008

I Know Who God Is

Now, it all makes sense…

I’m not even married, but I know this.

(via nakedpastor)

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  • SarahH

    I hate stuff like this, whether it’s joking and lighthearted or not.

    There are certainly wives who are the dominant partner in their marriage and perhaps make more decisions and are more outspoken than their husbands.

    There are also plenty of husbands who fit that description, couples where there are two “wives” or none, and relationships where both parties take an equal part in decision-making and housework, etc.

    The age-old stereotype of the nagging wife who always gets her way is insulting and idiotic. I’m sick of it.

  • mikespeir

    But is it okay if some of us kinda think it’s funny? I hope so.

  • umm… I thought it was cute… 🙂

  • Reminds me of this line I’d like to sneak into a conversation sometime – “I do believe in a supreme being, and that’s Mrs. micketymoc.”

  • SarahH

    But is it okay if some of us kinda think it’s funny? I hope so.

    Of course it is. Humor is incredibly subjective.

    Situationally (i.e. in micketymoc’s case) I see no problem with “all-powerful wife” humor, because on a personal level it’s about an individual who presumably fits the joke. I do think it’s interesting that there’s no “all-powerful husband” humor though. It might just feel too soon, given that husbands did have more power, socially and financially, than wives just a few decades ago in the US.

  • I’d go a bit further – humor is not only incredibly subjective, it’s also a subversive expression of a common human truth.

    Try not to overthink it, and the truth behind the shirt’s message becomes apparent – men do willingly give up some control of their lives to their wives. Bill Cosby once put it humorously in one of his books, that he can’t even buy a footrug on his own without fearing for his life.

    In my own culture, men jokingly refer to their wives as “kumander” (commander). It’s funny to me because I come from a culture where both uber-machismo and female authority exist in a weird tension. Conflict breeds humor, not to mention “kumander” jokes.

    So it’s not just the “nagging wife” that is referenced here – it’s the tension of power that exists between married couples. It pokes fun at both men and women in good measure.

    In any case, I’m glad I have your permission to find it funny, SarahH!

  • Polly

    Well, duh!
    I once joked to my wife that she was my god now! 🙂
    She’s the only #1, absolutely highest priority I’ve got now. She’s the only one I’d lay down my life to defend and I’m a chicken. I work hard or would work even harder to make sure she has a reasonably comfortable life even though I’m generally unambitious. I trust her 100%, and virtually no one else more than a tiny bit.

    I’m like her cult of one.

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