This is Getting Kinda Gross… September 5, 2008

This is Getting Kinda Gross…

The Virgin Mary makes her latest appearance.

On a rotting grape.

What’s the story this time?

Since noticing the image, Ms. [Becky] Ginn has stored the grape in her freezer to prevent it from rotting any further. She’s been showing off pictures on her blog and to her co-workers.

Ms. Ginn said many people have been energized by the image, but some have questioned its authenticity. Ms. Ginn said she has not altered the image.

“I can Photoshop a zit off someone’s face,” she said. “I can’t Photoshop the Virgin Mary onto a grape.”

This is getting a bit nasty now… next thing you know, The Virgin Mary will be in someone’s dirty sink.

Oh wait

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  • I saw the political strategies of John McCain and Sarah Palin in my poo this morning. Is that pareidolia?

  • I’m waiting for someone to find her in their menstrual pads.

  • “I’m waiting for someone to find her in their menstrual pads.”

    That reminded me of that South Park episode “Bloody Mary” Very funny.

  • Looks like Sarah Palin to me.

  • Spancy

    I found jesus in a stain of strawberry soda i spilled on my carpet. I called a synagogue since he’s jewish, but they said they didn’t care, so i cleaned it up.

  • Ben

    If you draw a few well-place dots and lines on the underside of a penis and hold it up just right, it looks just like the pope wearing his miter.

    Don’t ask me how I know that.

  • Jamie G.

    Darwinadolia over at the Bad Astronomer’s place:

  • Roland B.

    Jamie G.
    Look at the onion’s article on this
    Hilarious! what a bunch of people pretending to be smart.
    I didn’t know we had this kind in our team. -sigh-
    Jamie G. Thanks for your link!

  • Well, I, for one, am totally convinced. This is just the way I would choose to reveal myself to humans if I were an all-powerful being.

  • llewelly

    I definitely see a woman. However – the hat in her left hand is clearly the hat of a Witch. It’s the Wicked Witch of the West!

  • Awesomesauce

    It reminds me of that little boy-type creature in David Firth’s animation “Salad Fingers.” Hardly worth keeping I would say.

  • I always shake my head when I read stories like this. Why it’s always Christ and Mary they “see” in some random splotch.

    Considering we have no actual evidence of what either of them looked like aside from artistic renderings way way way after the “fact” (some originally sculpted to represent different people all together) I don’t know how they can legitimize their delusions and make news out of them.

  • antaresrichard

    It’s Salome in her seven veils methinks, holding the head of John the Baptist in her left hand! (He’s stuck to the silver platter no less!) Look, she’s even wielding the meat cleaver what done him in, in her right!

  • SarahH

    That’s really gross.

    I really don’t get the obsession with finding the face of Jesus/Virgin Mary/whoever in food and stains and such. It’s pretty messed up, IMO.

  • Here, just so you guys don’t feel too left out, here’s Darwin on toast:

  • Richard Wade

    Matt, LOL! That is priceless. It’s an evolutionary miracle!

    Somehow, freezing the Grape of Divine Decay to stop the process seems like cheating. I mean, if the Mother of God wants to draw herself on a grape using corruption and fungus, who is this woman to interfere with the artist’s work? Left alone the Our Lady of Perpetual Putrification might want to continue her little project as the grape slowly turns into a disgusting mummified not-quite-a-raisin with a striking resemblance to Beelzebub tossing rings onto bottles at the county fair. Or turn it upside down and it’s Jesus.

  • Ben

    The really amusing observation here is that the more educated folks are (e.g the larger the mental database of images for comparison), the more “different things” they can see in the image – a sign of creativity, as well. It’s largely the very unimaginative and dull witted ones that can see only one familiar image in the “grape madonna.”

  • ryot

    I see Judith with the head of Holofernes in one hand (notice what appears to be a spurt of blood) and a knife in the other. Screw some boring old virgin, that is my kind of Bible story.

  • I am just wondering if the three fingers are supposed to signify the Trinity … and whether she could have done her nails better before taking this photo.

  • cipher

    I am just wondering if the three fingers are supposed to signify the Trinity … and whether she could have done her nails better before taking this photo.

    You know, I found that rather repugnant as well, but I didn’t want to say anything for fear of being called a snob. And she’s described as a “makeup artist”.

    If I were a snarky bastard, I’d say that I’m really not interested in the theological opinions of a young, Texan cosmetologist who wears black nail polish that she can’t be bothered to attend to even when having her hand photographed. If I were a snarky bastard.

    I’m sure that when she registers to vote for Sarah Palin, she’ll be able to sign her name with a big ol’ “X”. God bless America.

  • cipher

    (Love the Darwin on toast, btw!)

  • ddr

    Looks like a waitress bringing me 2 beers.

  • “I can’t Photoshop the Virgin Mary onto a grape.”


  • BornAgainHeathen

    Ooh fun, I love ink-blot tests! This one looks like a vulva to me.

    Praise the va-jay-jay!

  • Chris

    When I turned the picture upside-down, I saw a moustachioed man at the bottom (upside-down top). Take that, Mary!

    Edit: Just saw Confucious in her chipped nail polish.

  • David C.

    How come the virgin Mary never had a good pounding?Or had an orgasm?Was she,well,strange?

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