Some Good News in the Political Season September 4, 2008

Some Good News in the Political Season

Blog-supported Democrat Kay Hagan is beating Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole in the race to be one of North Carolina’s senators.

From a survey conducted by Democracy Corps and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner:

Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole is trailing her Democratic challenger, Kay Hagan, 50 to 45 percent. Less than half of voters (46 percent) are familiar with Hagan, while Dole receives troubling marks from voters—just 38 percent approve of the job she is doing as Senator, and voters are divided on her personal favorability ratings (37 percent favorable, 34 percent unfavorable).


If you want to support Hagan, you can always give to her campaign here.

(Thanks to Alyce for the link!)

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  • justin jm

    I love the smell of Republican defeat in the… um, whenever!

    Let’s just hope that Kay Hagan maintains this edge. Personally, I want Elizabeth Dole to lose and never been heard from (in politics) again.

  • Nice. Although I doubt that it is the case, I’d like to think that her bigoted tactics have something to do with her losing ground.

  • ubi dubius does the best poll analysis I’ve seen. They’ve tracked the Dole-Hagan race since May. Movement is clearly in Hagan’s direction, but all but 1 poll show Dole in the lead. That 1 is the most recent. gives Dole a 3.8 percentage point advantage at the moment.

    Look at it yourself if you like:

  • Richard

    I live in NC and Hagan is a breath of fresh air. Please keep up the good work by spreading more positive information about her.



  • benjdm

    My email to the Dole campaign:

    Thank you for bringing up Kay Hagan’s consideration of atheists as full and equal citizens. I have been looking for politicians willing to seek out the support of non-religious citizens like myself, and I would never have heard of her efforts without your press release. I donated to her campaign with a song in my heart – an experience I would not have had without your criticism.

    Wishing you lots of free time in the future,


  • David D.G.

    Ben, I love that note of yours! It’s a great example of how one can dish out opprobrium to someone without being abusive or acrimonious about it, and in fact can come off sounding not just civil, but generous. “Wishing you lots of free time in the future” — priceless!

    ~David D.G.

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