What’s the (Most Recent) Dumb Thing You’ve Done? September 3, 2008

What’s the (Most Recent) Dumb Thing You’ve Done?

There are always many dumb things to choose from. But we’re going for “recent” here.

Chris got a lot of entertaining responses.

I’m sure readers here can top them 🙂

(via Cynical-C Blog)

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  • David D.G.

    Like I’d want to advertise this? Worldwide?!? Forget it!

    ~David D.G.

  • ddr

    This past weekend I spent an hour playing City of Heroes with my headphones on so I would not bother my wife in the next room. It was not until I stopped playing that I realized the headphones were not plugged in and I was hearing the game through the speakers.

  • This isn’t funny but it is really dumb.
    I was cleaning the oven last Monday and while wiping down the surface, I turned the gas knob by mistake. I did not realize it and moved on to clean the bathrooms which left it turned on for nearly an hour.
    When I returned to the kitchen the entire place smelled of gas. Thankfully, I was able to contain the situation.
    Just in case you’re wondering, the alarm installed in our house did not go off but is apparently working fine according to the repairguy.

  • SarahH

    I agreed to go in to work on what’s supposed to be my morning off tomorrow. *grumbles*

  • Milena

    I was taking out the garbage at work (I work in a store at a strip-mall type thing), so I was going through the corridor that connects all the stores from behind and I noticed that Sports Mart had their stockroom door open, so I’m peaking in as I’m walking and I almost walked into a box. I think one of the Reitmans’ associates might have seen me too. =/

  • philosophia

    I just spent five days stressing about an essay I had due, up to and including pulling an all-nighter to get it finished on time.

    Then I realized that it was due on the third of OCTOBER, not September.

    I couldn’t stop laughing for an hour after I figured it out. At least I’m planning ahead? XD

  • A couple weeks ago, I went to watch a few friends play softball in a regular league they belong to. They were short one player and despite not having played on a diamond for about 15 years, I agreed to fill in until they could get a regular sub to play. I’ve not done regular exercise in a couple years so my weight has become an issue for me and I didn’t warm up because it was really short notice (“Hey, So-and-so isn’t here yet, can you bat right now?”). Well, I took two pitches (both balls) and made contact (weak ground ball to third) on the thrid pitch and on my way to first, I sprained my ankle. That’ll teach me.

    PS, I’m not unathletic (really I’m not). I used to be pretty good at baseball when I was younger.

  • Andrew C.

    Chose a woman as my VP because I thought it would win over bitter Hillary supporters only to have it blow up in my face because she wasn’t properly vetted.

  • Jamie G.

    I recently made a comment critical of a recent post of PZ Myers on his Pharyngula concerning the protests in his home-state at the RNC. I didn’t realize that liberals can act just like fundies when defending one of their prophets of the New Atheism. I like PZ and agreed with his Wafergate, but I don’t think he is being very reasonable and rational concerning the protests. And as a cop I didn’t appreciate some of the blanket statements made about “all” those involved in law enforcement made by some of the commenters. But what do I know… I’m one of “them”.

  • Freelancer

    Uhm, can’t really think of something really stupid I did in the last few weeks. But as far as stupidity and bad judgment extend, well, back in July, I was at a party, drank way too much for my own good, ended up getting sick, and then wanted to go to sleep, but the house’s owner(a friend) had a female co-worker who got all concern-troll about me, she wanted to make sure I got settled okay. She took me downstairs and in the worst (post?)drunken condition, I hooked up with a woman that was so unattractive, simple-minded, obese, and shallow that I felt repulsed the next morning. On one hand, I laughed it off by saying I was “date raped”, but on the other hand, I didn’t say no. I nodded, and went the whole nine, whatever my condition may have been. That was REALLY stupid.

    Why does this feel so much like early Catholic confessional, where I get the sense I haven’t sinned enough to satisfy my priest’s expectations of the kind of shit a 10 year old, much less a 26 year old is guilty of, so I want to pad the list?

    Anyways,that’s all the truth you get,
    Freelancer +4

  • stephanie

    The latest? It’s so hard to choose…

    At a convention, I had about a dozen 1 1/2″ buttons in the front pocket of my jeans. I didn’t notice one had slipped open and the entire pin back was through the pocket when I went to the bathroom-
    I did when I yanked back on my jeans though, because I gashed my leg from knee to hip and wound up bleeding through the denim… :/

  • I recently started a comment to a blog and then forgot what I was going to say so I had to end it rather lamely like this……….

  • I wore a dress with buttons on the front a bit too small for the holes. So as the day at school drew to a close, I noticed some guys snickering at me, but I had no idea why.

    It wasn’t until later that I realized the top three buttons of my dress had cunningly decided to slip out of their holes, and my underthings were in stark, clear view. XD

  • Rachel

    My toaster sits on the counter of my kitchen under some cubords, there’s about a foot of clearance between the top of the toaster and the underside of the kitchen cubords.
    Anyway it was early and dark and i stuck my head above the toaster, under the cubords, to peer in to see the status of the toast when the toast popped up and I startled, wacking the back of my head against the cubords above and almost knocking myself unconsious.

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