Barack Obama is One of Us! August 30, 2008

Barack Obama is One of Us!

You can have Barack Obama believe in whatever you want, too.

(Thanks to Lexi for the link!)

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  • It looks good if you insert the word Evolution, too.

  • “One of us”? What are we, zombies?

  • One of us! One of us! Gooble Gobble!

  • Michael

    Atheism we can believe in? Just doesn’t sound right to me.

  • Miller said:

    “One of us”? What are we, zombies?

    Nope, they’re the ones who believe in a guy who rose from the dead.

  • Kerning! Please fix your kerning!

    Sorry… I’m a graphic designer and bad typography makes my eyes bleed.

  • Elsa

    I just made it say “Boobies We Can Believe In.”

    My day is made.

  • ubi dubius

    How about, “Doubt you can believe in”?

  • Jodie

    He has enough trouble with people thinking he is a heathen Muslim; take this down before the RNC makes this photo-shop truthiness we can believe in.

  • JoshH
  • Some things are quite obvious