Notes on The Colbert Report Appearance August 29, 2008

Notes on The Colbert Report Appearance

Tonight, Lori Lipman Brown — the Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America — is scheduled to appear on The Colbert Report (after being bumped last night).

In anticipation of her “Better Know a Lobbyist” segment, other organizations are already sending their congratulations. Here’s a statement from the Council for Secular Humanism:

The Council for Secular Humanism congratulates our friends at SCA on securing this opportunity to promote awareness of the nonreligious community in the United States. The show should be interesting — and entertaining.

For those who would like some inside information about the interview in advance of the airing…

It was filmed in the Secular Coalition for America offices in Washington, D.C. — not a studio. Lori said the SCA sign was visible on the shelf, as were pictures of herself, partner, and pet. Hopefully, all were caught on camera.

Did she receive any advice before being interviewed?

“Don’t laugh,” she said, adding that that’s not easy when facing Stephen Colbert.

The two hours of taping were whittled down to a five or six minute segment.

What was cut?!

Lori speculates with good humor:

I’m sure he will cut the parts where I am absolutely brilliant, so whatever he shows — just assume I was much more spectacular on the cutting room floor. I also assume he will cut the nude scenes.

I can’t wait 🙂

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  • Not bad. I couldn’t find anything on about threeways with snakes, though. 🙂

  • It was decent… too much singing though. He could have asked two or three more questions. The God Bless America thing just didn’t for me. It was too long.

  • Axegrrl

    I’m with J.S. Brown….half of her time was taken up by Colbert’s flaccid crooning.

    Did she even need to show up for this?

    It’s too bad she wasn’t on the Daily Show with Stewart, since he seems to actually engage in conversation with his guests. Oh well!

  • Samuel Skinner

    Well, that is because Colbert is pretending to be a conservative commentator. Have you ever seen them let their opponents speak?

  • Best Lobby Ever!!!

  • Jeff Satterley

    I agree with Samuel. If you want other “Better Know A Lobby/District” segments, this one was pretty much par for the course.

  • TXatheist

    Great exposure and great job by Lori

  • Axegrrl

    Well, that is because Colbert is pretending to be a conservative commentator. Have you ever seen them let their opponents speak?

    Oh I’m quite familiar with Colbert (Chuck Noblet being my fav persona:) I guess just because it was her, and getting a shot on national television, I wanted to actually hear her speak more…..hence wishing it was a different show/segment.

    But hey, just appearing on the show is more exposure than usual 🙂

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