Great Night with One More to Go August 29, 2008

Great Night with One More to Go

Last night was a blast. Barack was excellent. I hope to see Lori Lipman Brown on The Colbert Report tonight. I’ll give an update on the Kay Hagan fundraising drive later today.

But first, I need to focus on wrapping up the first week of classes at my high school. My new students have been great so far 🙂

Consider this an open thread to discuss whatever is on your mind.

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  • So how about McCain picking Sarah Palin for VP? What a belittling attempt to try to get Hillary supporters. “Look, I picked someone with a vagina! Vote for me! …But disregard the fact that she’s unlike Hillary in every way.”

    If anything I hope this backfires in his face and the Hillary supporters try to prove him wrong. Stick together, ladies, and vote on the issues. Don’t let him paint women as ignorant and easily swayed by irrelevant things like race and gender.

  • Alycia

    Sarah Palin thinks that creationism should be taught in science class.

    Sarah Palin vetoed a bill to give same sex partners of state employees benefits.

    Sarah Palin possibly tried to get her ex-brother-in-law fired, and when his boss wouldn’t do it, she fired the boss instead.

    I also think McCain is trying to offset his age by picking her, as well as sucking up to the maligned Hillary folks.

    I think he just made a big mistake.

  • The base won’t defect because of Palin. Youth helps in this case. She’s anti-abortion rights, and anti-gay rights, which is on par with conservative issues. She has five kids, one going into the Army. The ethics violation of firing a boss of a brother in law is nothing compared to the ethics violations seen by the last few years. He had nothing to loose with this pick, and I think he gets more attention by being untraditional in this sense then he would have been had he picked Pawlenty or Romney.

  • SarahH

    Her youngest son, Trig (4 months) has downs syndrome, which was diagnosed in pre-natal testing. The decision to carry the pregnancy to full term anyways has apparently made her very popular with the pro-life crowd who weren’t thrilled with McCain.

    This is the sort of thing that will sway someone like my mom, whose only objection to Obama was his record on abortion. She’s relatable and takes a really firm, really personal stance against abortion rights.

  • TXatheist

    Was it Colbert or Stewart that had the skit of the repo man thanking George Bush? I have not laughed so hard.

  • Ben

    Palin is awful, but this is inaccurate:

    Sarah Palin vetoed a bill to give same sex partners of state employees benefits.

    She vetoed a bill that would have denied same sex partners of state employees benefits. It was because the state Supreme Court had already ruled and such, but still, she did the right thing on this one.

  • TXAtheist: It was Colbert on Wednesday’s episode.

  • I was thinking of sitting this election out (or voting Libertarian). Now I’ve decided: I’m definitely voting McCain/Palin.

  • Samuel Skinner

    You do realize what you are saying MA? You are voting for a man whose plan for dealing with the uninsured is to redefine the word
    who qualification is that he was a POW. Did we mention he was a POW? How about… POW!
    My personal favorite? His plan to screw the working class.
    This isn’t “mild inconvinience”- this is turning the screws with both hands while jumping up and down on the incapacitated body of those too weak to move.

    3.4 TRILLION tax increase on the working class.

    As for voting libertarian… what word do you live in? Take a look at all the other first world countries- they are MORE statist than ours. And they are doing better when it comes to quality of life. There HAS to be a correlation!

    Basically, voting for someone besides from Obama is essentially insuring four more years of Bush… but worse.

  • Samuel, I’m a conservative atheist. That probably sounds contradictory, but my lack of belief in God actually has very little to do with my political views on national and international issues. I’ll leave it at that, as I don’t think this is really the place for such discussions.

  • Siamang

    Without inflaming a conversation that Merry really indicates he doesn’t want to have…

    I do scratch my head and wonder about libertarians who vote republican. Given illegal wiretapping, the TSA, habeus corpus, torture, guantanimo, tainting the judiciary, running our military into the ground, no reproductive rights, no end-of-life rights, no right to marry without having to drop your drawers and prove to the government that you’ve got a wiener and your finance doesn’t, church in the schools, church in the statehouse, church in the courtroom, unlimited executive priviledge, and a concerted effort to disassemble social power and fund churches to pick up the slack…

    I mean WHAT possible issue is left where the republicans are ACTUALLY the party of the CHECKED POWER of government?

  • I think everyone is missing the boat on the McCain/Palin pick. McCain is taking one for the team here. The Republicans know that their chances of winning this year are slim, and they are planning for the election after Obama.

    They purposely chose a woman who, through no fault of her gender, will probably get ripped to shreds and look like a total idiot. Then, in 4 or 8 years when Hillary decides to run again, she will be associated with the Palin campaign failure, and guaranteed to lose (In their minds anyways).

    There you go, a great conspiracy theory all wrapped up with a bowtie!

  • Agkistrodon

    When is Lori Lippman Brown to appear on the Colbert Report? I got an email from the Center for Inquiry that it would be Thursday but she wasn’t on. Deepa avowed that it was Wednesday but I can’t find it on That was Huckabee. Anybody know?

  • Gullwatcher

    If they start touting Palin as someone willing to stand up to big oil because of her willingness to tax them, don’t believe it. She doesn’t do it out of principle, but because she wants the money. Alaska is the ultimate welfare state – between bridges to nowhere and taxing oil, it’s all about getting the dough. It’s just plain greed – the woman would let the oil companies drill through her own foot if it would mean more money for Alaska. The state is second only to Texas for both loons and greed (just not as famous for it), and she reflects her local values.

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