The Picture Speaks for Itself August 24, 2008

The Picture Speaks for Itself

From FAIL Blog:

(Thanks to Diane for the link!)

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  • justin jm

    This reminds me of what the late George Carlin said: “How come when it’s a fetus, it’s an abortion, but when it’s an egg, it’s an omelet?”

    But if I recall correctly, the fetus’ heartbeat doesn’t start till much later than 18 days. Can anybody here verify that?

  • Wikipedia alleges 4-5 weeks is when the heart starts to beat.

    or Week 4 = 3 weeks after fertiliztion.

    Huh. I thought it was a lot later than that.

  • who cares about a heart. It’s the central nervous system and the brain that makes something sentient.

  • sam

    Aren’t you only labeled a baby once you’re born?

  • Lynx

    Hearts beat because cardiac muscle cells have the ability to rhythmically self-contract, without outside interference, as long as they have nutrients. I’ve had the heart of a very dead frog in my hand and it was beating. The brain only controls heartbeat rhythm, not the actual beating, so a bunch of cardiac cells rhythmically contracting is not indicative of any more life than any other non-beating cell, even if it seems emotionally relevant.

  • Epistaxis

    I think a gynecologist would be mighty surprised if the ultrasound on an 18th-day embryo showed a six-month-old in clothes, like that picture. Here is what it should look like. Notice the lack of a beating heart.

  • Polly

    “How come when it’s a fetus, it’s an abortion, but when it’s an egg, it’s an omelet?”

    The eggs we use in omelets aren’t fertilized. So, the comparison, and hence the joke, breaks down somewhat. It’s still funny on a rhetorical level if little things like fertilization aren’t important to you.

  • Gabriel

    Is this real? Or is it photoshoped?

  • absent sway

    I’m lovin’ it!

  • SmilingAtheist

    The billboards are hysterical! It reminded me of George Carlin immediately. Too funny! As for the abortion issue, it’s quite simple, women naturally abort fertilized fetuses, shall we get over the abortion issue now?

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