Most Disturbing Thing Ever August 24, 2008

Most Disturbing Thing Ever

I just got back from a family friend’s wedding.

Of course, there was dancing at the reception and at one point, the Timbaland song “The Way I Are” came on.

Everyone was on the dance floor — lots of Indian parents.

Including my mom.

Not only was she dancing to the song — all the parents were, so that wasn’t all that embarrassing — but she was also singing along to it.

My mom knows the words to that song.

Everyone should be disturbed by this.

And I blame my sister for corrupting my mother.

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  • There is really a song called “The Way I Are?!” Really?!

    I hate pop culture. They can spell bananas but they can’t say, “The way I am?” Jesus Christ, society is dumb dumb dumb, dumb dumb dumb, dumb dumb.

  • Is is because they is Indian?

    I hope this is not offensive – it is not meant that way cos you are a fine blog writing.

  • sean


    The dumbing-down of western-society continues.

  • Oh ya, I feel the same way when my mother uses mallu slang. Btw, she is the headmistress of a private school and that makes it doubly disturbing, IMO.

  • Is is because they is Indian?

    I hope this is not offensive – it is not meant that way cos you are a fine blog writing

    Not sure what you’re referring to… but it’s disturbing only because it’s my mom 🙂

  • absent sway

    I was so offended by the stupidity of someone using the phrase “the way I are.” Until I caught the beat. The beat would not be denied.

  • Milena

    Lol, the “are” in the title was the main reason why I hated the song when in came out. Also, I hate songs whose titles contain words written in typical chat-speak. What can I say, that’s just the way I am.

    (My apologies for the lame joke.)

  • what’s scary is when your mom asks you to burn a mixed cd for her and says, “can you put that nine inch nails song on there about effing like animals?”


  • absent sway

    @ amiable–LMAO!

    And I thought it was something that my mom loves Green Day…

  • Timbaland?

    What song did he rip off for this tune?

  • Emily

    Uhm..are you of Indian (as in India) heritage?
    Just asking…:)

    I love the beat of the song, I just hate the title. And I can’t imagine my mom singing that song.

  • Emily — I am Indian 🙂 Parents from there, though I was born here

  • Alycia

    I can definitely relate. My mom was singing and dancing to “Strokin'” at my sister’s reception.


  • TXatheist

    Hemant, you missed an opportunity…women dig the fact you love and cherish your mom…get out on the dance floor and bust a move with mom. Finish with a kiss on the cheek and the ladies will see a sweet guy.