All is Well…? August 23, 2008

All is Well…?

I do believe my site’s server has now been switched. The site seems to be working (minus a few plugins that were causing some problems). And the forums are back up.

I also hope we’ve seen the last of the CPU/SUSPENSION Grey Screen of Death.

Thanks to all of you for your patience.

And a huge thanks to Tim S. for helping me with the switch!

"What the hell are you talking about? Do you ever even try to make sense?"

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  • Yoo

    Great news! We were a little worried about the server problems. (At least I was …)

  • Thoracantha

    You don’t appear on Google, when searching “Friendly Atheist”

  • Timothy

    I’m working on that, Thora. I changed some of the Search Engine Settings so that his Google ranking would go up. Should be in the next few days (hopefully) that google re-crawls all of his pages. Then things will get better from there.

  • EKM

    I thought there was a DOS attack going on.

    Also: I do not get emails when there are follow-up comments. What gives? (Yes, I check the box.)

  • Nope. No DOS attack. Just some server issues. I’m finding out the options for solutions as I type this. Soon the site will be cleaner and faster than it ever was before.