The Texas Freethought Convention August 21, 2008

The Texas Freethought Convention

For any of you who missed the Atheist De-Baptism ceremony in Ohio, there’s another happening in Texas!

It’s part of the day-long Texas Freethought Conference in Austin, TX on Sunday, October 26th.

While you’re there, you can participate in a blood drive, hear live music, and meet other local atheists — So far, around 200 of them are scheduled to attend, and many are members of local freethought groups!

Looks to be a free event as well. (It’s actually $15 for tickets.)

And it’s not like you’re doing anything on a Sunday…

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  • Alex

    “And it’s not like you’re doing anything on a Sunday…”

    What are you talking about!? First we wake up and start the blaspheme rituals. Then transition right into the drunken orgy. About mid-morning there’s the baby-boiling ceremony that finishes up for a tender and juicy luncheon (baby-back ribs). After lunch, a nice long nap (naked and drooling) with Coral Ridge on the TV (muted of course). The we wake up to the smell of burning scripture and crucifixes in the back yard heathen bon-fire ritual…followed by another orgy. You want us to give all of that up for what, a Freethought Conference? I’ll have to see if that is able to make it into my agenda.

  • Larry Huffman

    Texas freethought convention….

    Isn’t that an oxymoron?

    Sorry freethinkers from Texas…could not help it…your state has a deserved bad reputation. Maybe you guys can get de-baptised and change that…but you have a lot of ignorance to plow through.

  • Gabriel

    You know what the biggest suck about Texas is? It’s fucking huge. It would take me 5 hours, 300 miles one way to get there. I can’t do that.

  • this de-baptism crap is revolting. Stop behaving like an anti-theistic cult. Atheist organizations should not participate in rituals, even mock ones. That’s how religions get started. It disturbs me greatly to see his fad spreading.

  • Rayven Alandria,

    But it’s fun. We don’t have to be anti-theistic to enjoy this, but isn’t it a good thing to be anti-theism? We aren’t in danger of starting a religion…We’re against religion. Simple.

    Many Atheists were once Christians who were baptized without their consent. This is a light-hearted way of reversing that. If you’ve never been baptized, or were never a Christian against your will, I can understand how this may seem very trivial. But it’s important to some of us. It’s a form of closure that’s fun.

    And hey if it disturbs you to see Atheists doing this, you must want to picket in the streets over what religions are still allowed to do in America. We don’t cause harm in the pursuit of our activities. They do.

    I’ll see you on the picket line. :o)

    Joe Zamecki
    Texas State Director,
    American Atheists

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