Pastor Rick Warren Needed a Few Follow-Up Questions… August 21, 2008

Pastor Rick Warren Needed a Few Follow-Up Questions…

After spouting off against atheists in interviews following his Civil Forum, pastor Rick Warren should have received some follow-up questions:

(via 1 2 3 Religious Comics)

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  • In the comic, he bears a striking resemblance to the Colonel…

  • Tracy

    For some odd reason,I’m hungry for chicken wings.

  • tony g

    Colonel-esque, indeed. All he needs is the white suit.

    Blaming God for our decisions makes everything easier…


  • Dylan Armitage

    I would love to see the images in the post, but they seem to have disappeared… (Still on the original website, though.)

  • Looks like no images are coming through on the Friendly Atheist website. Hopefully this is just temporary.

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