Random Question of the Day August 20, 2008

Random Question of the Day

Your first kiss: Good/Bad/Awful?

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  • It was really good. At the movies with the girl I had a crush on. A little embarrassed, because I was already 16 at the time, so I guess I was a ‘late bloomer’.

    Also, been far too long since my last kiss.


    Thanks Hemant. Way to bum me out!

  • chancelikely

    Mediocre, especially now with the benefit of hindsight. It was like… well, it was like two teenagers who almost-but-not-quite knew what they were doing, but definitely aren’t willing to admit to the other that they don’t know what they’re doing.

    I wouldn’t say we perfected it later on, but we sure as hell practiced a lot.

  • TXatheist

    Perfect, it was Mom kissing me on the head at the hospital right after being born.

    Oh you mean me kissing my 7th grade girlfriend Wendy Westman behind the 7/11? Uh, I was so nervous I don’t remember the kiss itself.

  • the Shaggy

    Awesome. I had been flirting with a girl for like three days, and she pretty much jumped me because I was naive.

    It was awesome, and it stayed awesome for two months, when it got bad.

  • nick a

    wonderful. we were in a hotel room, she was 16 i was 18, i was sittin on the bed she was standing up, we were watching the Minneapolis bridge crash in like october 07, she put her hand on my left shoulder, leaned down and kissed me, and i was just speechless. that first one was amazing. she broke up with me for reasons i don’t think she knows, i’m over her, but if i could get that one kiss again, i’d do anything.

  • Pretty awesome, actually. Though I admit I can’t remember it that well, and it’s possible that from the other person’s perspective it wasn’t great…..

  • Ian

    Exciting and confusing – considering the girl who kissed me had “broken up” with me two days before.

  • Oh, you’ll love this. It was good and bad. It was at a church on a mission trip. There was some hugging circle and I ended up hugging this one kid longer, and everyone else left. My friends walked in on us kissing and one of them proceeded to lecture me, Bible in hand, back up in our room (yeah, a church with beds. who knew?).
    Hilarious to this day.

  • Shauna

    Meh. Not bad but not great.

    Now the first kiss with my husband, that was something else entirely. 🙂

  • My first “real” kiss?

    I ended up washing out my mouth with Listerine.

  • Lazy. My first boss didn’t do anything she was supposed to. She got away with do so much nothing. She didn’t even ‘manage.’

  • SarahH

    Good. Beach to ourselves, sunset, non-Christian guy with no prude hang-ups, cuddling.

    I didn’t let on that it was my first kiss, and there was no awkwardness. It was fantastic.

  • More or less like Shaggy, the girl jumped on me…

  • Dave

    Pretty awesome actually, it was a bit weird leading up to it though…

  • Like Shaggy and Agersomnia, except I was the girl jumping the shy guy. Pretty literally. He was sitting on an office chair, and after the kiss I lost my balance and fell off.

    I am sooooo smooth.

  • Surprising. It put a smile on my face for a week and made me a life long addict to “The Snog” so there must have been something in it.

    I remember the kiss but not her name. I’m so shallow.

  • Curt

    Funny enough, it was during a 9th-grade Presbyterian church youth-group all-night lock-in. Yay, religion! I tried very hard to lose at Truth Or Dare and it was the best Dare ever, going behind a curtain with Donna to “french” for minutes on end, alone. After that, we both lost several times, on purpose. It was delicious.

    I’m not sure what the adults in charge were thinking – religious group or not (preferably not!), I doubt I would now permit my ninth-grader to spend the night with a sparsely-supervised, co-ed group in a safe location with many dark corners and hidden rooms…

    I “went with” a wonderful girl for all of 7th grade (an eternity at that age), who really should have been my real first kiss, but we were both just too terrified. Same thing happened when I dated the school’s most stunning beauty in 8th grade. Nothing but terror when doing anything more intimate than slow-dancing to Air Supply. Oh well, as they say, youth is wasted on the young.

  • Grimalkin

    Awful. It was with the wrong person – I realized that later, but something in me had known then.

  • bernadette

    Hilariously awful! It was in a game of spin the bottle. I was in denial for years after telling myself it didn’t count, but now I think it’s funny.

  • It was swell, and there was swelling. I was 16 and it kind of slid off of the cheek to the lips. She was quite short, so it may have been awkward that way. I might as well have driven home drunk, because I was not in that car when I drove home.


  • Tracy

    Not very memorable…since I don’t remember it!

  • elianara

    Not earthmoving, not something special to remember, but not bad either.

  • It was awful, my fault entirely. I was so nervous that my hands were shaking.

  • sc0tt

    Very exciting. Not very graceful.

    She’s a lesbian now; I don’t think it’s my fault.

  • Nice…then horrible.

    I was in the First Grade. My girlfriend, Heather, and I snuck away from the Cinco de Mayo play we were supposed to work on and kissed underneath one of the tables in the classroom. Our teacher, Mrs. Haagenmeyer (and no, I’m not making up that name) found us, pulled me up by the ear and then proceeded to spank me in front of the class (this was back when corporeal punishment was allowed in schools).

    Heather and I didn’t speak much after that…

  • PD

    SINFUL 😉

  • bd

    Well, I was the only out queer boy in high school, so I didn’t manage a real kiss (i.e. without getting punched) until freshman year of college. It was with a friend of mine and a male prostitute (who was also a trained countertenor. Go fig.) Oh, yes. My vestigial Catholic guilt had a field day with that one.

  • Milena

    Decent. It was at summer camp and it was raining.

  • Oh so good! Ah! sweet Peggy…where have you gone…

    I can’t honestly say i have ever had a horrible kiss!

    Best kiss? O Suzi-Q! mmmmmmm!

    Woah! Got warm in here all of a sudden!


  • Joseph R.

    It was exciting, despite the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing.

    @Hemant: you should post a random question every day.

  • Surprising. It was in front of a movie theater which was kind of a hangout for the scene I was in back then. I was chatting with a friend’s ex-girlfriend, whom I’d met once or twice before but didn’t really know. Then some other random girl wandered by and asked if I’d like a friendly kiss. My friend’s ex-girlfriend immediately moved in and kissed me, as if to say, “Stay back, bitch, he’s mine.”

  • Larry Huffman

    It was quite special…It was the summer between 6th and 7th grade. Her name was Melody. She had an old VW bus in her backyard that did not run. It had curtains, and she and her friends would hang out there. We kissed for what seemed like hours. Our lips hurt. But…it was special.

  • Jamie G.

    First kiss? Her name was Miranda, we were 7. She kissed me next to the watermelons in her dad’s garden in the backyard…while he was hoeing and obviously not paying attention.

    Best kiss? Not sure when or who. Yeah, the mrs. is a good kisser, but no moment pops out specifically.

    Worst kiss? This girl named Nikki I dated in junior high. She loved to kiss, but she slobbered ALL the time. I had to end it because it was just too gross.

    Also, the first kiss between me and the wife was pretty bad, not so much in quality, but timing. We had ended our first date as a couple in high school (high school sweethearts, you know) and I didn’t muster the courage to just kiss her at her front door, so she just grabbed me and kissed me to get it over with. I was such a wuss.

  • Awful. I went for closed mouth and he tried to french me which ended up with a slobbery tongue feeling it’s way around my face. It made for a good laugh though.

  • My first kiss with a guy was sloppy and kinda blah. I’ve kissed better men since then.

    My first kiss with a girl was at a christmas party where I was the only gay guy, and she the only lesbian (she was pretty hot). She leaned over to me and said “lets piss them all off” so we stood under the mistletoe and gave each other this long kiss with tongue. The room grew deathly silent.
    as we finished the kiss, a drunk frat guy broke the awkwardness: “The shame is that neither of them got ANYTHING out of that.”

  • I actually got my first kiss as a result of accidently hitting him in the mouth and making his lip bleed. I felt so bad, I kissed him to make up for it. It was very romantic.

  • Kris

    Me and my (biracial) friend shamelessly made out on the floor of the church sanctuary, back when my parents forced me to go to church.

    I think that’s a pretty awesome first kiss for an atheist heathen.

  • Polly

    MY first and only kissing was/is with my wife.

    When? After marriage of course. 😉 No, not really. We kissed before we got married.

    Here’s something some of you might find interesting, Our Orthodox ceremony did NOT allow “kissing the bride.” Kissing was prohibited within the church building!

  • There was a lot of peer pressure involved from the skankier girls at that summer camp. So, I kissed my first boyfriend (of an entire week). It was ehhh.

  • Gabriel

    Wonderful, I wonder what her name was?

  • Margy

    It was 1966, his name was Tim, and we were Catholic high school students. We had stayed after school to work on the school paper. I had had a huge crush on him for many months, and he seemed to like me, too, but had never asked me out. I was walking down the hallway to the restroom, and he was walking towards me, and he suddenly stopped, leaned down, and kissed me on the lips. My head was spinning! I don’t remember much after that except that when I got home, I hoped and hoped he’d call me–but he never did. Go fig.

  • We were dancing and oh god the cologne was so strong but I still swoon a little when I get a whiff of that scent. I wasn’t expecting tongue, but there it was, so I was like huh, OK. I was totally psyched, but I don’t think we ever talked after that, but no biggie.

    Also, Zach‘s story totally wins.

  • ash

    i was so drunk, i didn’t find out i’d had my first ever kiss ’til the day after, when my friend told me about it. i’m pretty sure it was before i threw up tho…

  • Matt

    OMFSM! It was awful – just awful. Poor girl. The first guy i I kissed? Fireworks and much rejoicing.

  • Skylar

    Bad, but not bad enough to be awful.

  • Jen

    Weird. It was Truth or Dare, in front of a basement full of people, on the dare of his twin, who hated me. It was right before summer, after we had gone to the eighth grade dance, and I didn’t speak to him for more or less all of high school.

  • Julie Marie

    dreadful! I was freaked out by the tongue business, and by the time he got me home, I jumped out of the car before it came to a complete stop. Very anticimactic Jr. Prom date.

  • I’ve never been tempted to comment before, but I have an awesome first kiss story.

    It was spring break of seventh grade, and I was on a cruise with my extended family. I met a bunch of kids around my age, and one of them was a girl from Minnesota. Being the sneaky little horn-ball I was, I suggested hide-and-seek, and grabbed the girls hand to come hide with me.

    We went to the top deck of the cruise ship, and sat on the bow deck of the ship. While we watched the sun set over the Caribbean, I pulled the little yawn and stretch to put my arm around her. I leaned in, and she leaned in, and *BAM*…my first kiss.

    Every night of the cruise after that we’d meet up there to make out. I kept in touch with her for about a year after that, but we lost touch. Still, it was an awesome first kiss.

  • Steven

    Plenty of precocious folks here getting their first kiss in grade school – I feel like an underachiever.
    My first kiss was 20 years ago at eighteen with my first girlfriend, Marylou. We went out for a walk one dark and snowy night and ended up behind our old public school. She said “Are you going to kiss me, or what?”. So I did and managed a credible job of it. Just then the janitor showed up and told us to beat it.
    She broke up with me a few months later – I never really knew why.

  • From what I remember it was awkward, but cool. I don’t remember how old I was, but I know I was under the age of 12. It was at the daycare I went to. It was a series of quick pecks, looking out for the adult who would come to break us up at any moment.

  • I haven’t yet had my first kiss. Almost 20….
    I’ve come close too many times to count, but for some reason I’m the idiot guy who flirts and goes on a few dates…but always breaks it off before anything at all can happen.

    One day…. one day….

  • Original first I was 3 so… don’t remember. The first I remember was stolen, quick and make her cry.

    Less bad I haved bit tic tacs before of the kiss or I would be a emo right now.

  • I was in the 7th grade. My Mom made me take my brother to an “all night skate.” I hated the loud noise and general craziness but alas, no option was given. I was skating in the center of the rink, spinning around in circles and things like that. I didn’t here the announcement for a couples skate. This boy grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him so I figured “why not.” We skated for a while and he bent down to kiss me. I had never even held hands with a boy before but my Moms romance novels made it seem interesting enough….

    Until his lips touched mine…

    There was no electricity; no spasms of liquid pleasure, no sudden bonding of souls, not even a sweet momentary connection.

    The one thought in my mind was “MUSHROOMS!” His lips feel like slimy, cold, canned mushrooms.

    His breath also smelled like cigarettes. I was repulsed. It was a long time before I tried it again.

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