God != Brett Favre August 20, 2008

God != Brett Favre

An amusing sign seen outside the Waupun Assembly of God church in Wisconsin:

(Thanks to Mick for the image!)

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  • This reminds me of a conversation with a Catholic friend regarding God and football not too long ago:

    Addressing the, ahem, overall success of our favorite team, I argued that if a God existed, surely he would support THE SAINTS.

    Tsk-tsk, God.

  • Shane

    The set of actions that will never be performed by God is equivalent to the set of all possible actions that could ever be performed.

  • justin jm

    Now that they (the church) have said it, there probably exists a story in the Bible demonstrating the opposite, even if it didn’t exist there before.

  • Alex

    Which god? Perhaps there’s a competition/sports deity that’s a bit more selective about its adherents that humanity is yet to be made aware of. Hmmm, sounds like a profitable new religion, I mean, desperately needed message for man’s evil competitive desires.

  • Larry Huffman

    I think Shane summed this up nicely.

    I will add, however, that I think I would convert if my god threw as many interceptions as Favre.

  • vic

    There are people in my great state of Wisconsin who really do believe Favre is God. Or at least they hold him in as much esteem.

    Be kind to us! This has been a statewide crisis – you can’t believe the newspaper and TV coverage. It’s been exhausting.

    Maybe this will lead to more atheism in WI… if Favre has left the Packers can there really be a God?

  • Hahahaha I love it! Go Wisconsin! 🙂

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