Where Atheist Videos Go After They Die August 18, 2008

Where Atheist Videos Go After They Die

YouTube frequently takes videos due to claims of copyright infringement. While this is the case at times, it’s not always the case (sometimes, people just don’t like the content and claim there’s a copyright violation), and it’s interesting to see what gets taken down.

Quite a large number of atheist videos have been the victims of these claims.

But there is a place you can check out which videos have been removed from YouTube — it’s called YouTomb. You can’t watch the videos, but you can see screenshots, information about them, and other vitals stats.

It’s definitely is an interesting game trying to figure out why some of the atheist videos were removed when it doesn’t look like there has been any copyright violation…

(Thanks to Gene Bob for the link!)

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  • justin jm

    How would you determine why they were taken down (if it was copyright stuff or someone being a pain in the bee-hind)?

    The only way that comes to my mind is to read the comments section and see if anybody boasted that they would complain to YouTube administrators.

    As I’ve said elsewhere on this site, the YouTube comments section is a flame-fest on every topic. It would take someone braver than I to wade through all that crap.