I Want Kids. Now. August 18, 2008

I Want Kids. Now.

Well, let me be more specific.

I want Dale McGowan‘s kids. Now.

Because they’re smart and adorable.

And one of them (Delaney) recently got into a “God fight.” It was interesting to read about, partly because you can see her mind working as she talks with one of her religious classmates.

Did you ever have those kinds of intelligent conversations at such a young age?

I can safely say those questions never even came to my mind until I was about to begin high school.

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  • Polly


    I wanted to ask you if you were ever religious and if so, what religion? I think you said you were, but not what you believed. I apologize if you’ve answered this. I checked the FAQ but didn’t see anything. Do you have a deconversion story?

    (Why are comments turned off on the last topic?)

  • Hi Polly — My background is that I was raised in the Jain religion. I started questioning it when I was 14 and sooner after became an atheist. The longer version of the story is in my book! 🙂

  • Elsin Ann Perry

    Polly—DO buy Hemant’s book! I’ve got two copies. I keep lending out one of them…

  • Thanks for the offspring envy! I’m with you: These questions never came to my mind at this age either — not until 13, when my father died. Even after thirteen years on the job, I still can’t get used to how their minds work.

  • Polly

    Thanks for responding Hemant.

    Heh, I walked right into that plug, didn’t I? 🙂


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