Rebecca Watson in Wired August 17, 2008

Rebecca Watson in Wired

Congratulations to fellow blogger Rebecca Watson who is mentioned in the new issue (9/2008) of Wired! (As is Steven Novella)

#10 in “What’s Wired This Month”:

Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe

Ever been tempted to have your palm or your cards read? If you answered “Never!” then you’re the target audience for this weekly podcast, produced by the New England Skeptical Society. Neurologist Steven Novella and his team (including blogger Rebecca Watson, aka the Skepchick) debunk news stories, creationism, pseudoscience, and pretty much any attempt to pass off faith as fact. Featuring interviews with celebrity disbelievers like Walter Isaacson, Simon Singh, and Bill Nye, it’s a welcome relief for anyone who occasionally wonders whether they’re the last logical person left in the galaxy. (Statistically impossible, but still…)

If you haven’t heard the show yet, it’s time to subscribe (on iTunes).

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  • Tom

    Really. This podcast has enriched my life in so many ways. It is the most awesome podcast in the universe. Even the very old episodes are excellent. I cannot recommend this enough.

  • Sobex

    Yes, this podcast is a must-have, along with Point of Inquiry. Don’t be afraid of this week’s topic, Point of Inquiry DOES come from a secular humanist standpoint 🙂

  • Derek H.

    It really is the best podcast you can find. It’s the only one I listen to every week. I get excited when iTunes starts to download it. As I am right now, since I was gone this weekend, and there’s a new one waiting.

    The following story seems so ridiculous and semi-creepy but it’s true. I was listening to the show and something drew me away from it. Eating or something. Then for the a couple hours that seemed to take forever, I had a depressed feeling. Like, not wanting to do anything at all. Nothing, just being aimless. I was just down. It was the first time I felt like a slave to my brain. I wanted to find something to do, but nothing satisfied. Then, later I went in my room and decided to listen to something. I realized I hadn’t finished the episode, started it while I laid there. The second it ended and the music started, it was a mini-euphoric high. It was the craziest shit. So crazy that it still doesn’t make any sense, and I feel stupid for it happening. But, like I said, I didn’t really have control. My brain was fucking with me. Apparently my unconscious self is a bigger fan than I am.

  • Jamie G.

    SGU (especially the ones with Perry) and the Non-Prophets Radio Show are the first to get listened to podcasts after they download.

    A monkey could kick a bird’s ass any day, especially with a beak flip.

  • Diane G.

    “Ever been tempted to have your palm or your cards read? If you answered “Never!” then you’re the target audience for this weekly podcast, produced by the New England Skeptical Society.”

    Uh, wouldn’t an even better target be those who answer “well, maybe…”?

  • Stephen

    You didn’t mention Steven Novella’s blog (as a fellow blogger).

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