My Apartmentwarming Gift August 16, 2008

My Apartmentwarming Gift

I’m moving over the course of the next couple days (yay!) and will not have Internet access at my place until midweek (boo…), so things may be choppy on this site until then.

But for all of you who want to get me an apartmentwarming gift…

If you’re planning on buying any books/textbooks in the near future (school is starting soon, after all), please use this link to get to Amazon! Then buy whatever you want and a small bit comes back to me. Good times.

Meanwhile, I’ll be doing my part to create an atheist bachelor pad — full of evil red lights, the Richard Dawkins pinup poster, and this.

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  • cipher

    Hemant, who is taking these baby pictures?

    They’re funny, but I’m afraid some trailer park mom is going to see them and think, “Hey, that ain’t a bad idea.”