Has Your Local Atheist Group Been Doing Something Positive? August 15, 2008

Has Your Local Atheist Group Been Doing Something Positive?

If your local atheist group has done something positive in the past year, you could win up to $600 from Atheist Alliance International as part of their 2008 Community Cooperation Award (CCA)!

You do have to be listed in the Freethought Directory, though. If your group is not listed, just send an email here (and CC this address while you’re at it).

The object of the CCA is to encourage cooperation, ethical awareness and positive images of and within the Freethought community and also to foster cooperation between atheist/freethought organizations and their larger home communities. Cooperation, ethics, and positive image are the elements that will be considered by the CCA committee during review of the applications. Consideration will be given to the size of the applicant organization relative to its achievements. It is our goal to encourage organizations to employ ethical means to solve problems, controversies or disagreements they may encounter, either within the organization itself or the community at large. Finally, the organization should project a positive image of atheists and freethinkers as individuals and as a community.

Things that may be helpful to persuade the judges:

  • Media coverage of community volunteer work
  • Evidence of cooperation with civic or religious leaders in the community
  • Listing with local United Way or other philanthropic organizations
  • Tapes or transcripts from meetings/events
  • Relevant articles from the organization’s newsletter

The deadline is August 31st.

All the details are here (PDF).

And the main application is right here (PDF).

Good luck!

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  • Michael

    I don’t have a local atheist group. 🙁

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