In Case You Need Some Clothing… August 14, 2008

In Case You Need Some Clothing…

The Affable Atheist store is always good for some entertaining atheist swag — at least atheist girls think so:

If you’re Christian, don’t feel left out. This one by David Hayward has a bit of self-deprecating humor:

What atheist gear are you wearing this year?

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  • I made a snarky button over the summer which says, “God loves you!*” *Some restrictions may apply. Even a Mormon missionary liked that one.

  • Jet

    So if my co-workers can wear crosses, I can wear one of these shirts with no backlash, right?

  • Korinthian

    Inspired by Matt on the Atheist Experience I was thinking of getting a black shirt and a priest’s collar.

  • Richard Wade

    These are kind of subtle. this, my own design will be much more effective.

  • Shane

    I have the first one. I wear it all the time and never really get any comments because it is pretty subtle.

    Also have:

    God is Imaginary

    Proud Atheist


    Atheism: a non prophet organization

    I am a walking bastion of blaphemy. Also have a “Lock ‘n Load for Jesus” with Jesus carrying a M60 machine gun in front of an American flag, but can’t find a link for that one.

  • That last shirt is not self-deprecating. It’s anything but!

  • Our club t-shirt, of course. Modeled by yours truly.

  • Bjorn,

    I love that snarky slogan you say you used on a button. Can I use it?

  • Matt

    I made a shirt that had the “Hello my name is” sticker looking thing on it and it says “Godless Heathen” underneath. I made it for 1st amendment day at my university.

  • Emily

    I bought a godless heathen tank top from an atheist t-shirt shop. Damned if I have a link though. I’m not allowed to wear it in public until I get to college (part of my agreement with my mother on buying it. She doesn’t want to have to hear shit about it).

  • I have a “Godless Heathen” shirt but its white, and I don’t much care for wearing white. A friend of mine has an online store at I bought a shirt from there that just says “Godless”, and its baby blue which is my favorite color. He has a couple other designs and stuff too, I just can’t remember them offhand and don’t feel like looking them up.

  • I love my atheist shirts.

    I have three from this store of mine. One that says “Smile! There is no hell.” One that says “friendly neighborhood atheist” and one that says “Have you hugged an atheist today?” I also have a shirt that says Smile! You just met an ATHEIST and I just ordered one with a graphic representation of Russell’s teapot.

    I like for my atheist shirts to be friendly and invite conversation.

  • Becky

    I’m not liking those shirts you linked. =( But I ADORE Jennifurret’s club Herding Cats T-shirt! I’d buy one, and I don’t even belong to her club. =D

  • jim
  • Add this one, please!

  • My favorite atheist shirt says “Pffft…There is No God”, mimicking the Pabst logo.

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