These Things May Go Together… August 12, 2008

These Things May Go Together…

First, a picture of churches in North Carolina:


We found this mildly interesting — a row of three churches, all the same denomination (Baptist), in western North Carolina. The congregation continued to grow over a period where a larger church was needed, and the old one kept operating until the new one was completed. The older churches weren’t demolished, and are used for auxiliary activities.

Not sure how common this is, but we’ll be on the lookout for a 4- or 5- church evolution….

And this statement from Gore Vidal in Esquire:

Nonprofit status is what created the Bible Belt. The tax code brought religion back to this country.

(Thanks to Seth for the links!)

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  • …Then Goldilocks said “Oh this church is too big and this church is too small but this church is just right.” …Then Goldilocks said “Oh these pews are too hard and these pews are too soft but these pews are just right.” …Then Goldilocks said “Oh this preacher is too literalist and this preacher is too interpretive but this preacher is just right.” …Then Goldilocks said “Oh this sect is too right wing and this sect is too left wing but this sect is just right.” …Then Goldilocks said “Oh this congregation is too bigoted and this congregation is not bigoted enough but this congregation is just right.” …Then Goldilocks said…

  • Samuel Skinner

    Dear merciful Emperor! Those things are springing up like… like Starbucks!

  • Siamang

    According to this ABC News story, commercial sales of religious items is a 4.6 billion dollar industry in the US alone.

    That’s not including what’s in the collection plates.

    “good framing” would be to always refer to religion as “The 4.6 billion dollar religion industry”.

    Can anyone help me find a solid estimate of the size of the soul saving business in the US?

  • That wouldn’t be a church evolving would it?

  • So cute! Like Russian dolls but with churches!

  • Cindy

    We have the same thing just down the road….a Methodist church…Cute little chapel, bigger church, then huge cathedral. They just moved the chapel, though, so the progression is not obvious anymore.

  • Amber

    Aww. They’re adorable. Just like any town in North Carolina, though- more churches lining the streets than cars on most any given day. (except sunday, of course)

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