Wilson County Will Not Discriminate August 11, 2008

Wilson County Will Not Discriminate

A few days ago, I mentioned that the Wilson County Fair in Lebanon, Tennessee was offering $2 off the price of admission if you brought in a church bulletin — this on a specially themed “God and Country Day” this coming Sunday.

They’re now shifting their position to allow the discount to non-religious people as well.

According to the press release from American Atheists:

Hale Moss, the President of Wilson County Promotions advised reporters at the Lebanon Democrat that printouts from Web Pages of non-religious groups would be honored at all ticketing booths to receive the “church bulletin” discount at the Wilson County Fair’s “God and Country Day” on August 17th 2008.

Blair Scott, the National Affiliate Outreach Director for American Atheists said, “I am exceptionally glad to hear about Mr. Moss’ decision. I am pleased to hear that Wilson County had made the decision to honor all groups regardless of their religious or non-religious affiliation. I was excited to pass this information on to non-religious groups in Lebanon, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Huntsville, Birmingham, and even nationally.”…

Of course, with this change, it would just be easier to do away with the discount or simply lower prices for everyone that day…

In any case, kudos to Mr. Moss for making sure there would be no discrimination going on during a local government-sponsored program.

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  • It is always good to see atheists correcting another wrong. Sad that this must be our role and that the believers are not a bit better at avoiding discrimination, but such is the reality in which we live. Kudos to American Atheists and everyone who brought this story into public awareness.

  • Brandon

    I think their religious bias is obvious, but it would be interesting to consider the possibility that they are just encouraging wholesome social interaction as a something the fair wants to encourage. For example, I’ve been thinking about attending a Unitarian Universalist congregation for several years now, and I love fairs. Is such an incentive enough to put you over the top, even if it’s just for fun?

  • Kate

    For example, I’ve been thinking about attending a Unitarian Universalist congregation for several years now, and I love fairs. Is such an incentive enough to put you over the top, even if it’s just for fun?

    DEFINITELY go visit a UU congregation!!!!!!! Seriously – don’t wait any longer. My only regret is that it took me so long to stop wondering about them and just VISIT. 🙂

  • EKM

    Kate: Could you describe what you liked about your UU congregation?

  • TXatheist

    The freeze hasn’t reached the Austin area yet but I’m sure it’s coming because hell must have frozen over for some Southerner to realize they are wrong about being a discriminatory xian. I am extremely glad they altered their view toward atheists.

  • Stephen

    But now they are discriminating against people who can’t read! Ah the madness!

  • Doyle

    Good afternoon. I currently reside in Wilson County (on the way out actually, but still living). Just thought I would share this tiny bit of news regarding this minor matter.

    Taken from The Wilson Post on August 13, 2008.

    A number of ministries in the community are having conversations trying to organize members of their churches to attend the Wilson County Fair on Sunday, Aug. 17 in response to a call by an atheist group which says its reduced admission that day for those producing a church bulletin might be unconstitutional.

    Not sure what they plan on doing. I guess they plan on just showing up. I don’t know, I’ll more than likely show up that day to the fair to see if any fireworks ignite. If any of you are interested I can post my experience. Thanks.

  • Doyle

    As expected, fireworks were not in store for God and Country day.

    Things of interest:

    I did see a few Foxhole Atheists advocates, only noticable by their shirts.

    Immanuel Babtist Church had a sign that said atheists welcome at their free water giveaway.

    I am assuming IBC gave out shirts at their morning service because I saw countless people wearing shrits that said God Loves Atheists Too.

    I saw nothing of protests from anyone, it just looked like a good, hot, day at a fair.

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