Religion: Take Your Pick August 9, 2008

Religion: Take Your Pick

Hmm… Ok. I’ll try one.

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"It would have been more convincing if he used then rather than than."

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  • My pasta dish approves. Ramen!

  • Ngeli

    Can you please warn your readers if there’s flash content in the article? Not everyone has/wants a flash plugin.

  • I found that offensive…no, not all religions are the same.

  • TheOtherOne

    Heidi, which ones would you consider different? Sure, the Buddhists may be less violent, but (as far as I’ve seen) they still spend their lives trying to live up to an impossible ideal and feeling guilty for failing.

  • nontheist


    I am curious. How much notice do you need? Should you be notified by email?
    Do you get these by rss? Should he also warn people of PDFs? Word Documents? I18N characters? Maybe we could color code the Feed titles to save you the 30 seconds it took to find out there was a swf file.

    BTW Flash is ubiquitous and free. if (as it seems likely) you mostly object to all the flash ads ( is there anyone who likes them?) there are plugins that are pretty good at allowing you to use flash only when you want to.

    Good luck

  • Pseudonym


    Heidi, which ones would you consider different?

    I’m not Heidi, but: Pretty much all of them, actually.

    BTW, all ideals are pretty much impossible to fully achieve. That’s why they’re called “ideal” rather than “ordinary”. But most religions don’t do the guilt thing. That’s more of a Catholic and Jewish thing, and even then, it’s more cultural than religious.

    But I’d like to register how offended I am at this video. How dare they mock His Noodly Appendage!

  • Jonathan


    I’m not Ngeli, nor regular on this blog, but I for one would appreciate a simple “Video follows” or similar note on the post before the video.

    Sure Flash is free, but that is its the only virtue. You are correct that it is almost ubiquitous, on the desktop. But more and more people are using mobile devices for browsing and those mostly do not support proper flash. In addition to that some people, like me, have flash turned off on the desktop because it is resource hungry and mostly useless.

  • cipher

    I wouldn’t have included the Tao Te Ching and the Analects of Confucious in that stack. They aren’t religious texts in the conventional sense.

  • Anne

    I object to the “idiots like you” remark.

    I was not an idiot for believing, nor are most believers. Brainwashed, yes.

  • Wes

    That cracked me up. 😀

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