Miscategorized Rastafarians August 9, 2008

Miscategorized Rastafarians

There’s clearly some miscategorizing going on at this bookstore…

In the section for Rastafarians, we see copies of The God Delusion and The Portable Atheist.


Maybe they meant to label them as Pastafarians…?

(And why is Jon Stewart in the “Western Philosophy” section?)

(via nobleIgnoble)

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  • JeffH

    I know why Jon Stewart is there. It’s a book called “The Daily Show and Philosophy” It’s part of the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series.

    I bought the book last time I was at Chapters, but I haven’t started reading it yet. I still have to finish reading the Dark Tower Series before I start anything new.

    I also bought two other books in the series: “Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy” and “Lost and Philosophy”. There was a “Metallica and Philosophy” there as well, I think.

  • David D.G.

    Western Philosophy? Wasn’t that usually dispensed by the Lone Ranger?

    ~David D.G.

  • Cripes, what are they thinking, storing Dawkins next to D’Souza like that?! Reactive substances should always be kept separated to prevent dangerous explosions. Ideally, D’Souza should be kept locked in a flammables cabinet.

  • Charles

    Topicly enough, I just got back from my first ever visit to Powell’s, in Portland. Delightful place!

    They had acres of books about all sorts of religions. Indeed, it seemed that there were more Buddhist and Hindu books than Christian books, though I didn’t look hard.

    Alas, all atheist books were tucked in a corner, near the philosophy section. There were more books on Plato than all the various atheist books put together… more than likely because there simply aren’t too many to go around.

    I did end up getting a nice inexpensive used copy of The God Delusion, after already acquiring the audiobook instance of the same

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