Why I Can’t Sleep Tonight August 7, 2008

Why I Can’t Sleep Tonight

Let this be a warning to you all:

Don’t eat a wonderful Chipotle burrito and then go running around.


The stomach pain.

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  • Richard Wade

    I hope you’re okay. You live alone, right? Have any friends close by?

  • Richard Wade

    I’ll drive over to your place to make sure you are okay, if you want. It’ll take about three days to get there.

  • Richard Wade

    Probably four days.

  • Richard Wade

    Of course I won’t be much help for a while. I’ll be so tired. I’ll be stopping on the way to eat Chipotle burritos and coffee…

  • Richard Wade

    Better not expect me for five days. I have a stomach ache.

  • Richard Wade

    Maybe try some Tums and go to bed.

  • Richard Wade

    I’m gonna.

  • James

    Lol @ Richard Wade. Helpful guy.

  • mike

    Wow stop the spamming.

    And I also cannot sleep for similar reasons. GL dude.

  • Matt

    Did you have their not-on-the-menu-but-you-can-ask-for-it baby burrito?

  • Danielle

    there’s a baby burrito????!!!!!?????

  • Jeff Satterley

    Apparently Richard drank a few Red Bulls last night… 🙂

  • TXatheist

    That’s the one mexican restaurant I do not like.

  • Seth C.

    Haha, your telling me about stomach problems after eating a burrito. I ate the new “Jalapeno Chicken melt” from Taco Bell about 10:30 the other night and I woke up burping jalapenos all night and frequently running to the bathroom.

    I hope you feel better this morning though. 🙂

  • Katherine
  • stogoe

    I prefer Panchero’s and Qdoba over Chipotle by far. Still, if Chipotle’s your only option, it’s okay.

  • Here’s what you got to do: boycott taco bell and use my recipe for the best damn tacos on earth. Next time you’re in the Peoria area, stop by and I’ll make ya some.

  • mikespeir

    I beg your pardon. Chipotle burritos are worth any pain endured.

  • Ross

    Agreed, Qdoba is the way to go!

    I must just have a stomach of steel, I always get the fajita steak ranchera burrito with two scoops of the hottest sauce they have.

  • Hum…

    Chipotle burrito? You got a very good food taste, Mr. Mehta! Wait until you travel to Mexico to get close and personal with Moctezuma’s Vengeance. Popular belief is that any outsider tourist that eats too much Mexican food, will get stomach-sick as a belated vengeance for the conquest.

    Now, seriously. As a Mexican who has never gone to Taco Bell… I don’t know if the food there is really Mexican… If the cheese they use is the same you use on hamburgers, then you gotta taste the authentic stuff soon.

  • Happy Christian

    After all this ham spam you probably feel worse. I hope the pain is gone.
    Have you considered it might be your conscience keeping you awake?

    Just wondering.

  • I prefer the not-on-the-menu-but-you-can-ask-for-it mini quesadilla.

  • Anthony

    Heck, you could’ve started and concluded with “Don’t eat a Chipotle burrito.”

    Adjective withheld intentionally.

  • Matt

    Hell, if he wants *real* mexican, there’s Adobo Grill at Damen and Division

    Yes, in Chicago

    Yes, Chicago, IL

  • Bryna

    …this is much funnier than it should be.

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