Secular Values Voter August 7, 2008

Secular Values Voter

The Secular Coalition for America is encouraging all Americans (religious and non-religious) to express their desire for a government which has strong secular values — like keeping church and state separate.

Phase one of this plan?

The garb:

We encourage American citizens who share these values to proudly wear our buttons and t-shirts during this campaign season…

The shirts and buttons below can all be purchased here.




Just fyi, the apparel is being sold at cost only — no money will go to the SCA from your purchases.

The point is simply to get the word out!

(Can you imagine all the interesting conversations that will begin by someone asking you what the shirt means?)

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  • Jimmy

    I have a job now… perhaps I will purchase one!

    I can see my christian/conservative friends now: “Hey, why do you hate Jesus?”


    I’m hungry, time for a nice baby snack!

  • If those items were being sold for cost, would they be cheaper if purchased in bulk? The buttons “cost” $2.99 individually, but I can buy one hundred of them for $1.00 each.

  • They would be cheaper if bought in bulk. SCA would make a profit if they charged more, but they’re not. They’re just selling at the cost Cafepress mandates with no additional fees added on.

  • Wonderful. Thanks for posting. I’m tired of the Religious Right monopolizing the word “values.” Of course I am a “values voter.” My values include the support of all loving families and the noble human pursuit of knowledge and understanding. The idea that those who advocate hate are “values voters” is one of the more offensive things I’ve ever encountered.

  • Gabriel

    We need to take a page from the religous right and start by gaining political power at the local level. We need to work on getting as many atheists/agnostics/skeptics elected to school boards, city councils, county government, mayors, county sheriff, state legislatures. We have to start at this level if we ever want to have a real impact in politics. We have to get all of the atheist/secular organizations to work together to provide help in getting people into office. This is how we will be able to make a difference.

  • Can we at least get less ugly apparel? If there’s one thing atheism always should have, it’s style.

  • skinman

    As soon as they put that logo on a travel mug I’m there. Because this godless heathen prefers coffee to clothing.

  • Larry Huffman

    I agree with Gabriel…the way to make something happen in our country is and always has been to start at the local level. If we can get atheists/humanists in positions locally, they will end up maiking day to day decisions for our local communities based on our values. It matters not what the state senators say at that point. Then, as those people begin to advacne their political careers, as proven secular values candidates, they can begin to claim the higher seats and the way will be paved for others of similar values to step into their place.

    Of course, this is over simplifying a long process…one that can take generations in some palces. But, it is the best way to make lasting inroads into the process.

  • Seth Pollack

    And I’m with Philip. I know SCA needs design interns, but I didn’t realize quite how badly!

    That said, I would personally prefer something a little more incendiary. I suppose that’s my style. I don’t mean to turn this into a bumper sticker campaign, but “I Vote, Not God” would be nice. To be even more blunt:
    oneGodless Voterof many

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