Is An Atheist Writing the Church Bulletin? August 7, 2008

Is An Atheist Writing the Church Bulletin?

We must have an infiltrator…


(via eric3knibbe)

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  • Korinthian

    Haha, is this for real?

  • It must be fake. They misspelled “Galatians.”

  • I’m assuming it’s the short title of:

    There’s No God as Great as You, O Lord”

    unfortunate grammar, but hilarious.

  • Gabriel

    I don’t even know what a doxology. When I was attending the Church of Christ we never had bullitins so I’m not very familiar with them.

  • Dan
  • Adam

    Some one help me, the link from Dan goes to:

    I cant figure out if it is a real site, or a parody/ satire

  • Samuel Skinner

    Don’t you know? It is the EAC hard at work!

  • That reminds me of the Methodist church hymnals, where, in the Christmas section, “Lo, How a Rose” was followed by “There is no Rose”…

  • Jaroslav Sveda

    Doxology is simply saying something to praise God I think. Which confuses me a lot because I assumed the title “There’s no God” will have something to do with the one verse in Psalms 14 reading ‘The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”’.

    Anyway, same psalm says that all people become corrupt and there’s not even one good man.

  • What does SB 207 mean? I’m guessing that it stand for Spell Book page 207 and it’s the recitation of a spell in song form to banish gods and other supernatural beings from the presence of the wizard. Clearly an Epic Level spell.

    I’m not quite that high level yet I’m only just started practicing “Protection from Jehovah’s Witnesses” and “Dispel Ignorance”.

  • cipher


    Unfortunately, Dan’s site is real (or rather, unreal). He’s an utter imbecile who has been making a nuisance of himself on atheist and ex-Christian blogs. If Ray is a professor, Dan is his grad student. Don’t feed him; he bites.

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