They’ve Destroyed the Holy Ghost August 6, 2008

They’ve Destroyed the Holy Ghost



(via xkcd)

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  • Korinthian

    I bet they could take Yahweh too, if they crossed the streams that is.

  • Jason

    XKCD is consistenly smart and frequently genius. Everyone here should subscribe. This was the funniest thing I’ve read in a while…

  • justin jm

    I love XKCD. I get to read it as soon as each new one comes up, due to my tendency to stay up past midnight.

    However, I’ve never seen Ghostbusters… what happens to the ghosts at this point?

  • Korinthian

    They don’t in fact kill the ghosts, but trap them and store them in a facility that can pretty much explode a city if the power is turned off. And watch both Ghostbuster movies, they’re awesome.

  • James

    You missed out on the title text that you get when you mouse over the original (XKCD always puts an extra joke there): “First cross yourselves, then cross the streams!”

  • The second panel is just crazy. Revise Scripture? Pull the other one.

  • Geez, first the Magic Cracker and now this? I almost feel sorry for these cat-licks.

  • Xeonicus

    That made me chortle uncontrollably.

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