My Speech at the Atheist Coming Out Party August 6, 2008

My Speech at the Atheist Coming Out Party

Before the De-baptisms took place, a few speakers, myself included, gave short talks at the Atheist Coming Out Party.

Below is the best video I could find of my talk (under 15 minutes altogether), courtesy of x71isnwor… I know it’s shaky and low-quality, but most of the audio does come through.

I tried to throw in a ton of atheist pop culture references, including: Pat Condell, PZ Myers, Dawn Sherman, Nicole Smalkowski, Stephen Colbert, the Secular Student Alliance, Friendly Atheist jokes from this site, and crocoducks!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  • Hemant, I love you, but whoever was filming that was screwing with them zoom a tad too much for my liking.

  • Great speech!!! Here’s a couple jokes for you:

    Why did the Rationalist cross the road?
    To be sure to see both sides.

    How does a girl Rationalist have her hair done?
    In big bangs

  • Nunes Pintassilgo

    I know wikipedia might not be the best source, but it says Stephen Colbert is – unfortunately – a roman catholic.


  • I like how the Secular Student Alliance is a pop-culture reference.

  • 5ive

    Yeah, I heard an interview with Colbert where he was talking about what hell is with his son. He said he figures hell is just an absence of god, not the flamey torture thing put forth in normal christianity. Colbert is definitely religious and christian as well. He fits into the “nuanced” version of Christianity. Too bad…

  • anom

    5ive: No… NO…. it’s can’t be. =(

    I wish I didn’t read that.

    By the way, Hemant, awesome speech (coming from a junior)!

  • brad

    Yep, sorry to say … he’s a Catholic. I’ve even heard that he teaches sunday school. Of course, I’ve also heard that Alice Cooper teaches sunday school …

  • Great speech! Spot on with your points.

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