Reed Must Be Destroyed August 4, 2008

Reed Must Be Destroyed

Reed Braden’s out to defeat me.

He thinks he has more friends on his Facebook blog network.

I’m sure if everyone on Facebook joins the Friendly Atheist network, he will go down in flames and all will be right with the world again.


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  • You are making your own doom here, Hemant. You will fail. You have a one-way boarding pass to the failboat and it’s leaving NOW!

    Mua ha…

  • mike

    I would but I make it a point to never allow any facebook apps because they get full access to my info.

  • I was just noting earlier this evening that the Friendly Atheist blog network only had 15 readers, which I found surprising. Even I managed to get nine Facebookers to acknowledge that they read my blog, which is less than a month old and has nowhere near the readership of FA.

  • Gabriel G.

    I joined both groups :’D

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