Do You Like Your Job? August 2, 2008

Do You Like Your Job?

And if you feel comfortable sharing, what do you do…?

(via Cynical-C Blog)

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  • EdinA2

    I’m a psychiatrist and I love it!

  • TheOtherOne

    I do. As for what I do – try to convert state & federal Medicaid eligibility law (and department policy) into understandable Administrative Code rules.

  • Phil

    I provide physical security for military chaplains. And surprisingly enough, I do like my job.

  • Richard Wade

    I love my work. I travel around doing science performances for children about dinosaurs, volcanoes and astronomy. I use humor and fun to turn them into critical thinkers. I’m leaving an army of little scientists in my wake. It’s part time and I work for myself.

  • RNB

    Yes I do. Don’t exactly have a job, but have a full-time business trying to apply the hard facts of statistics and the scientific method to the ethereal world of big business marketing.

  • Siamang

    Except for the fact that I’m at it RIGHT NOW (8:56 AM Saturday), yes, I very much enjoy my job.

    I make animated movies on the computer.

    And I’ve seen Richard Wade’s dinosaur and volcano talks. If I was a bazillionaire, he and I would invent the greatest natural history science-center the world had ever seen. He teaches science the way that Mr. Wizard taught it… not dumbing it down, but smartening it up and ENGAGING kids in the science.

    (Here’s hoping I become a bazillionaire).

  • Sam

    Yes! I’m a mechanical engineering summer intern at Asyst Technologies and I deal mostly with conveyor belt vibration testing and other testing, but I’ve had a few other projects… it’s been really fun.

  • Ada

    I love my job as a stay-at-home wife.

  • Adrian

    I love my job!

    I run a private wealth management fund and write software to support individual traders. It gives me a lot of freedom and I get to create some very cool things which help a lot of people. Yeah, I’m working the weekend and put in some long hours but I expect that will smooth out in a couple years and it’s still new enough to be fun.

    Now if only it could be a little more profitable… 🙂

  • Jeff Satterley

    I love what I’m doing. I’m a full-time PhD student, working as a research assistant on Computational Linguistics research. My advisor and I analyze Biology and Medical research articles in order to extract information for more formal knowledge representation. I’m currently focusing on analyzing figure captions in these articles, in order to identify the important constructions for info extraction from the figure itself (my advisor also works on image processing, to analyze the figures themselves).

  • Gabriel

    I love my job. I know that it would bore most people to death but I like it. I work as a staff accountant at the oldest public accounting firm in Texas. We were recently rated the number 1 accounting firm in the state by Texas Monthly magazine. For me accounting is puzzel solving. I am given information in raw form and have to explain it. Sometimes I am given shoping bags or shoe boxes or suitcases full of paper and I have to make sense out of it. I really like it. I’m treated well, with respect and the compensation seems like it is fair. I’m taking classes so that I can sit for the CPA Exam. Hopefully in a year I will be able to begin the exam process. If all goes well I will be a CPA in about two years.

  • I love my job. I am a Database Architect specializing in VLDB’s (Very Large Databases). I also work as a SQL developer writing optimized stored procedures for application developers. Geek central 🙂

  • I’m a research analyst for a nonprofit. That’s about all I’m going to say about where I work. But I do love my job. Basically, it consists of writing proposals, developing research instruments, doing data collection, and then (my favorite part!) writing about it. Honestly, the only thing I don’t like is that I have to spend my entire day in a cube. I love what I do, I’m in a field where my research actually has the potential to have a positive influence on policies in this country, but damn, I hate being in a cube.

  • I love my job. I’m working for > a year as a paid full-time intern for one of the most important museums of natural history, in physical anthropology. I’m applying to graduate school for 2009. (Fingercrossing)

  • Christie

    I hate my job. I test software, and uninteresting software at that. I’ve given it a lot of thought (I almost said “done a lot of soul-searching,” but no amount of searching has turned up a soul!) and have concluded that what I don’t like is that I don’t produce anything, don’t create anything, and don’t even really help the technology advance, due to the one-off nature of everything we do. I’m 36 and am going back to school at the end of this month, part-time, and am looking for a new job. Doing similar work for a different company could be a more rewarding experience; hard to know until I try.

    I am glad to see that so many people love what they do.

  • Reagan

    I love being a public school teacher. I teach Multimedia Tect (TV), Video Tech (Film), Communications Applications (Speech), Introduction to & Advanced Debate. It’s wonderful to have a job where you’re required to teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 🙂

  • Grimalkin

    I adore my job. I’m an administrator at an animal welfare society. I love that I can sleep at night knowing that I did something positive and helpful, not to mention the fact that I have The Best Boss Ever. And, because it’s such a small office, my responsibilities are really varied, so I never feel like I am just doing the same thing day in and day out. One week, I’ll be doing research and writing a report, the next week I’ll be doing accounting and balancing books, the next week I might be designing t-shirts. It keeps me interested and I’m always learning new skills. I really lucked out!

  • Ron in Houston

    Wow, so many people just love their jobs. I honestly would have thought there’d be many more people who were ambivalent or negative about their jobs.

    I’m pretty ambivalent about my job. I’m an attorney working primarily in the child protective system. It’s filled with lots of good and bad. Sometimes I can feel like I’m making a difference while at other times I feel just like a cog in a machine.

    There’s probably a number of things I’d enjoy much better, but it’s not that bad of a way of making a living.

  • Marlowe

    I’m a chip designer at Intel. After 20 years and half a dozen companies, I’m not as wowed by the technology as I used to be. I still love working with people from all over the world, though.

  • Emily

    I usually love my jobs. Before i leave for university (in a few weeks) i am working both for an anti-tobacco advocacy group and i’m working at group homes for mentally behaviourally challenged children.

    The only time i don’t like the first job is when people in the other advocacy group (which is about substance misuse) start rattling off “facts” about drugs which they have never experienced. As a light drug user and an advocate for legal marijuana this makes me uncomfortable. I don’t mind them saying reasons why drugs are bad, so much as never wanting to accept that there can be good aspects to drug use.

    And the group home is stressful for obvious reasons… i have been bitten, hit, scratched, sworn at… but it’s mostly pretty chill so i like it.

    In the future i want to be a speech-language pathologist or possibly an audiologist, i haven’t quite decided yet, but i’m leaning towards speech pathology. I expect to absolutely love it, i have always loved linguistics, psychology and working with people (especially children), and that basically encompasses all of those things.

  • I’m a pediatric cardiologist

  • Charles

    I love my job. I’m a web developer for an online retailer.

  • Colin M

    Ph.D. student in computer science / robotics. There have been fun moments throughout the years but overall I’ve not been super happy. I’ll be glad when it’s done — definitely ready to move on.

  • Steven

    I like my job, but all of these posts make me wish it was more exciting.
    I’m a technical writer for an insurance company, which means that I put together user manuals and technical documentation for software and servers.
    I like to think that my clear instructions make life a little easier for my fellow employees.
    It’s a pretty good gig for a former English major plus I now actually understand insurance, which can be useful.

  • I like my day job reasonably well. I work as a copywriter/ web minion/ data entry drone/ person who does whatever needs doing, for a small hippie/ anarchist/ punk rock book and comics distributor. The work itself isn’t enormously interesting (although working as a copywriter has greatly improved my own writing), but I love the company, I love my co-workers, and the work environment is flexible and low-stress enough to give me time and energy left over to write.

    The big downside i that I’m sick of having a day job. I am ready to be done with it and to just write full time. Alas, the writing doesn’t bring in enough money yet for me to do that. The day job is about as good as a day job can be — I’m just tired of the necessity of having it.

  • I work in IT for a multinational consulting company. I loathe my job.

  • I love my job too. I’m a self-employeed web developer, and handle both the creative/design and the programming/development aspects, but I consider myself primarily a programmer. When I have the rare break from client-work, I keep myself occupied with my own web projects. So my job is also, literally, what I do in my spare time. I don’t always have the most interesting projects, and I don’t enjoy the business aspects, but I love the job. Especially since I work from home, out in the country with no traffic noise or city smells, and get to see my kids all day.

  • Danielle

    I very much like my job, but I can’t stand my supervisor … so basically i like my job but hate going to work!
    I’m an electrical design engineer for a government transportation agency.

  • Cindy

    Stay at home wife and mom and homeschool teacher of my three kids. I really love it. My husband also loves his job as an engineer and can fund me staying home, so we have been twice touched by his noodily goodness 🙂

  • Wow! Such a variety of professions here. It’s good to hear that most of you love what you do. Do you think that says anything about atheists, or is it just a coincidence?

    I LOVE my job! I’m fairly new at it, but I know I want to do nothing else, EVER! I am an MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Practitioner, and I work with groups of 20 or less to hold workshops to help them self-validate their type by explaining the theory behind the instrument. I am hoping to soon be using it for family counseling and career planning as well.

    I love it so much that I keep trying to do it for free. That will have to change. 🙁

  • Justin jm

    I’m a student worker at the campus library in town. I get to sit, read, do homework or surf the Internet for a couple hours while waiting for people to come up to the circulation desk. Once you get the hang of the Library of Congress book sorting system, the rest of the work is easy.

  • Matt

    Physics graduate student. I get to do things no one else has ever done before (at least I hope so).

  • Mike N

    No, I’ve just quit and will be unemployed from September. It feels great!!

  • Todd Y

    I think Joe M said it best with:

    I work in IT for a multinational consulting company. I loathe my job.

  • I sometimes love, sometimes hate, and am frequently indifferent about my job. I am an au pair/ nanny. Being an au pair is like buying a used car; you’re buying someone else’s mistakes. But hey, I have generous vacation time, a good salary, and live in a truly beautiful corner of the world. It could be worse.

  • Lionel L.

    Do I like my job? I don’t hate it but I am sure as heck SICK of it. Fortunately, I’m going to need to find new employment soon. I’m a nervous mess about this but I’m also thrilled. I’ve been talking about moving on for the last 8 years and now I’m going to do that like it or not.

  • Diane

    I’m a PhD student in evolutionary botany. I love my job when things go well in the lab… and other days, not so much. I miss having a regular day-job, though, with the attendant salary and such.

  • Caerleigh

    I love my job and I love my company. I work for a large company that produces routers, switches, security, pretty much the backbone of the internet. (We produce Linksys for the consumer market.) Right out of college, this company put me into a YEAR-LONG training program with about 200 other people my age, fully paid and making a great sum of money for not actually doing any work. This program basically taught me everything I ever wanted to know about the IT industry, and it was one of the best times of my life. I’m now in the field actually selling said switches, routers, etc, and I make more money than a 24-year-old has any business making. Which is part of the reason I love it…but meeting new people every day and working in an ethical sales force is awesome. Now if all the other salespeople would stop giving us a bad name…

  • Siamang

    Physics graduate student. I get to do things no one else has ever done before (at least I hope so).

    Hey now, no making black holes that swallow the earth. You got me?

  • Larry Huffman

    Yes, I am the IT Director and Compliance officer for a brokerage firm. Basically, I keep shit running and make sure we are doing things by the book, as in the feds. I manage a small IT/doc management staff. The office is very much like a family. We all know each other’s families…kids play with each other’s kids. Lots of office oriented socials. I have to admit, I have worked places before that tried to be this way, and I would shy away, as I did not like being to personal at work. I would not want it any other way at this company. And my boss is just about the most kind, ethical and generous man that I know.

    And, as a side note…it is a very fundamentalist office. I love working there, however. My co-workers respect my beliefs and do not push me, and I respect theirs and never forward my views…and my religious background allows me to join in on their conversations aboout church, etc..non doctrinal. And i will accept an invite to a church BBQ from time to time and drag the kids along, we leave just as the christian rock starts warming up though…my kids would not forgive me if we didn’t. lol

  • I used to like my job. But I got moved from my department and I hate it now. I debug and test fastlane self checkout machines. I used work with servers. Testing, debugging and programming

  • Susan

    I’m a graduate student working on my M.A. in English. I teach some first-year courses, and I’m a grad assistant to two professors. I love the work and I love the university. I plan to graduate in May 2009. I’m a little too old to go for a Ph.D., but after being a secretary for 100 years, I’m having the best time of my life.

  • TheDeadEye

    I’m a stay-at-home daddy and I love every minute of it. 😀

  • Atheist Okie

    I love my job. I am in Law Enforcement as a Detective in a city of 20,000 people. My emphasis is Sexual Assaults, Crimes Against Children (Sexual and Physical Abuse), and coordinating the registered sex offenders in my area. I do work other types of crimes like Property Crimes to keep a balanced case load.

    However, I am being temporarily assigned to Patrol Division in the next week for 6 months due to man-power issues….we got several guys going to Iraq in the next month.

  • I work in the Mental Health Act Office of a psychiatric hospital, mainly arranging the hearings that need to happen when patients who are sectioned appeal to be released. And for some reason it’s a lot of fun, just the sort of admin that seems to suit me. It’s only temping, and acting as a stopgap until a) I finish writing my book, or b) I realise that trying to make a living as a writer is a ridiculous idea and get a proper job instead like my dad (a writer) keeps telling me I should. But it’s good enough for now.

  • cautious

    I’m an evolutionary biology (ok, fine, a paleontology) graduate student who is turning in his MSc thesis in a few days (hey, only a year or so late!) and then is going to move to start work at a different school on a PhD in the same field. I make money being a lab instructor for an undergraduate biology course. This gave me an excuse to teach human anatomy off cadavers. Therefore it was awesome. In a month I’ll be teaching somethin different, so, crud, why am I not learning what I need to know about my next class right this second.

  • Betty

    I LOVE MY JOB! I’m an administrative assistant at a large bank. I get to do tons of different things, so it is never boring. I plan parties, plan meeting, collect data and generate reports, do a lot of creative things like scrapbooking for my department, and I even get to do some community service work. The people I work with are great… despite the fact that they are the “big dogs” and I’m just a lowly secretary fresh out of college, they ask my advice and take it seriously. Not only that, but I have great benefits including tuition, so I can take tons of classes to further my career and education. It’s pretty sweet!

  • H of Cashburn

    I am on my third career.
    1) Computer system manager for 15 years for a company that makes government satellites. Near the end I was severely understaffed and got tired of the service part, although the technical part was good.
    2) Stay-at-home mom for 15 years; raised 3 wonderful kids. Gooood work if you can get it. And no kidding, it IS work.
    3) Admin assistant back in “the industry”. (I had to go back to work because my husband got a nasty case of mid-life crisis and took off.) Doesn’t pay like the first career, but I like the work and the people. I’ve been there 8 months and nobody has made mention of religious preferences. It is a nice secular atmosphere. And I have a window office! I love this job, and I still have the “job” of raising my kids and that is more fulfilling than ever with butt-head out of the picture.

  • Pseudonym

    My job’s pretty cool, but I’m getting a bit sick of it.

    I work at a large university in a nanotech research group. I do a wide variety of things: I write firmware, design circuitry, do numeric modelling… nice stuff. The problem is that I’m the only person in the group who a) can do these things, and b) isn’t a physical chemist, so I feel like I’m the fifth wheel a lot of the time.

    The actual work is really interesting and seriously cool, though.

  • stephanie

    I’m a student, a wife and an artist. I’ve held the second one the longest and love it the most. 🙂

  • I work for a book store and I love it. I recently got a raise and they expanded my duties/responsibilities. It’s nice because I have variety and I get to work with something I adore, namely books.

  • Julie

    Yes and no.

    I manage a gigantic database of student information and test scores and report to the federal and state governments about it to make sure my school gets funding.

    I love working on the computer and dealing with technology and problem solving between the district database and our database. I dig all that stuff. I love some of the people I work with. I’m the boss in my own little office, and I love my staff. And I love the challenge of managing people and bringing out the best in them and creating a harmonious work environment. And I love that ultimately, what I do is make money for education by making sure we get all the money we deserve from the government to continue our programs.

    I work in adult education, so I love that I am in a field that helps give people a second chance or educates immigrants in English so they can work here in the US.

    I also dearly love–sincerely adore–my paycheck. I spent much time in my life being a starving artist, and I sure do love shopping instead of being a starving artist.

    I hate the school district more than I can really describe. Mostly, I hate that they won’t pay me correctly. Dealing with them for maternity leave was a total nightmare. I don’t understand how an organization can just get so horribly bad, and it sucks because there are some wonderful individuals working for it. I will leave my job as soon as possible, because my employers just stink. Looking for other work now–when not taking care of a 2 month old.

  • gopherbroke

    I am in telephone tech support for a major computer company…..

    it as has its good days and bad days…..
    but after 12 years it has more bad than good

  • I’m a research (mostly) statistician. I like my job a great deal.

  • I’m a social psychologist doing finishing my Master in health science with environmental health focus…
    Right now finishing my thesis and giving online courses on public health… Quite a fun job, indeed… I’d just like it better paid or full time (with no more thesis).

    I love what I do: it’s a small but continous effort to help people live happier, healthier and more fully.

  • laterose

    I teach 3D animation to kids. Some of my students make it worthwhile, and I love teaching the classes they’re in. But for the most part I dislike the job. Mainly because I disagree when the basic idea behind the classes. The kids are so young they really shouldn’t be learning such a technical artform (they can learn it, but that doesn’t mean they should). They should be out finger painting and daydreaming. They need to be developing their creativity. Mostly I feel like I’m teaching them art by rote. It’s incredibly depressing at times. I can’t wait to get to the point where I can actually get paid to do 3D animation.

  • JimboB

    I’m in a love/hate relationship with my job. I am a library clerk in a genealogy department. I love being surrounded by dusty old books filled with information, but I’m not really into genealogy. At times it can be physically demanding (routinely shifting thousands of books) and at times it can be boring (sorting through individual pieces of microfiche). But the pay is good and my coworkers are pretty awesome.

    *shrug* Things even out.

  • Suzanne

    I love my work at the moment and I am hoping that it will last.

    I am a Ph.D. student in English and Communication Studies researching fan literature and literary theory. I’m still in my first six month ‘honeymoon’ though, so who knows what may happen as the pressure increases. I also love that this job is working towards the career I want as a teacher and researcher in academia. It’s certainly better than my last three jobs which were a call centre insurance sales person, service station console operator, and census collecter.

  • I love my job. I’m a systems admin, which provides enough challenges to be interesting. I love my non profit jobs more, like managing the website and podcast stuff for Minnesota Atheists, helping out where I can for Camp Quest of Minnesota, and supporting other freethought groups as I can.

  • ddr

    I’m on my second career:

    I loved being a police officer and spent 22 years at it. I got a bit burnt out on being a detective and retired in 2000.

    Second career is kind of the same thing, only for the other side of the fence. I’m an investigator for the local public defender. Also a very enjoyable job.

  • I love my job. I’m a graduate student in astronomy.

  • Almond

    I need my job, which is not the same as loving it.

    I chose to become a CPA because I knew it was steady work that would allow us to have a stay-at-home parent, and I’m glad I made that choice. I’ve worked long hours for the eight years since I graduated, but our boys have always had their dad at home with them (he home schooled them until last year), and I believe that lifestyle was right for us.

    I am currently the financial reporting manager for an oil & gas company that is about to go public via a merger. There are challenges and learning opportunities that I enjoy, but I hate the 70 hour work weeks and the fact that the hours don’t leave me any time to pursue other passions. The lack of any apparent “light at the end of the tunnel” is also highly depressing.

    When I sit in meetings with a bunch of old, white men for whom work IS life, and who can’t understand why anyone would want to spend time elsewhere, I know that this is not the life I want for myself.

    The boys are both in middle school now, and my husband is about to start a career of his own. Once I’ve gotten them all through school, I might go back to school for something different. I’ve always been attracted to academia, but I’m not sure I could actually be good at it, or that the hours would be any better.

  • Chas

    I love my job.

    I’m an information architect; which means (mostly) I plan out how websites will work. I work with designers, programmers, analysts. I got into the profession because I used to be a network manager and hated when one of the people I’d support would blame themselves for not understanding an application or other computer task. I have always felt it was a failure of design. In general, software and hardware should be able to be, if not more intuitive, more sensible about simple cause and effect.

    So now I plan how things should work, make sure the site’s built to my specification, then test with real users, and sometime start the whole process if we have to, to get it right.

  • Amy

    I am a financial officer at the second largest credit union in the country. I love the people I work with but could leave the job behind without blinking. And I hope to in the next year.

  • I’m an Oracle database administrator. Although I like my job very much, I fantasize about my wife returning to work while I become a stay at home dad.

  • HeavyThinker

    Just because I haven’t seen it mentioned above:

    I work in the PR department for a nuclear energy generation corporation.

    I travel around the globe explaining how (not why, the why should be apparent) we can harness nuclear energy for a safe, clean and reliable source of electricity in areas that cannot reliably benefit from hydro/wind, etc.

  • For the moment, I work at UPS. No, not driving the delivery trucks. I work in the sorting hub, which means I load boxes into semi trailers bound for other sorting hubs.

    I can’t wait to get my IT degree so I can quit and get a real job. It’s dirty, it’s exhausting, it’s cramped, and I can’t make it through the day without getting half a dozen minor bumps and scrapes. The only positive thing about it: all people working there are required to join the Teamsters union, which means everyone working there gets free health insurance. And the pay is relatively high for an unskilled labor position.

  • ngl

    I’m a computer specialist for a major florida university. The pay is lower than I’d like, the hours are long, but I love the people I work with and it’s just such a different work environment than what I’ve been used to (fortune 500 companies (always about the bottom line)). It’s great. I can honestly say that I’m friends with my co-workers, and I love being able to help keep the computers and systems up and running to help the students advance themselves.

  • Mary

    I’m an undergraduate research assistant, working with plants. I hate hate hate my project and can’t wait to leave.

  • I do visual effects for movies. The effects are usually great, but the movies usually aren’t- Golden Compass and Mummy 3 are the latest things I’ve worked on and they speak for themselves.

    I like my job, though. The people I work with are awesome.

  • Joseph R.

    I’m an urban planner and I enjoy my job very much.

  • jdcollins

    I am an entry-level structural engineer in a small firm that does big projects. I love every minute of it!
    Of course, I just spent the past 6.5 years getting my bachelors and masters, so anything besides class is a breath of fresh air.

  • Jason

    I’m an atheist and I work at one of the largest non-profit charity/social service organizations in North America.

    At my workplace, I am often put in an akward position, because most of the industry is faith-based and many meetings are opened with prayers. I have on multiple occasions had my motivations for choosing this line of work brought into question because of my lack of religious belief. I am then compelled to describe my theories on morals and how humans obtain them(I’m a ‘social-contract-morals’ subscriber) and how I feel it is my duty as a skilled, well-off citizen to help those less-fortunate.

    But still, I am outcast and ostracized for being an atheist in a faith-based industry. Unlike many of the people in this industry, I’m not here to push my views and ‘make converts’, I’m here to help better my world, and doing that requires helping the people in it better themselves and their quality of life.

    I just have to tough it out day-after-day with coworkers who look down on me because their intolerant and delusional views and church pastors said so.

    Regardless, I love my job. There is no greater feeling than seeing someone who was struggling rise up to financial independece and a positive outlook on life because of something you did for that person.

    For me, it’s all in a day’s work, even if I don’t believe in god.

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