Jesus: He’s Everywhere You Want Him To Be July 30, 2008

Jesus: He’s Everywhere You Want Him To Be

For once, I must take issue with one of Jessica Hagy‘s notecards:


She completely ignored the Jesus that was found in cat fur!

And we all know Cat Fur Jesus is the real Jesus.

(Thanks to beltranpr for the link!)

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  • anom

    Hahahahaha. That doesn’t even look like Jesus, at all. If you put the main dude from 300 next to the cat, it would look like him!

    But, Hemant, you are welcome for this:

    I think you should put that up. That’s a lot more convincing.

  • Or potato chips.

  • Gabriel

    I can’t imagine a news day that slow. I really can’t. Did I miss out on the end of all war? Has darfur magically been restored? I could fill the page with more important stories. Cat fur jesus. I feel a little sick.

  • Gabriel

    But I just might start using that as a new curse. Some one startles me “Cat fur jesus, where did you come from you freaking mecrab.” Or something like that.

  • Joseph R.

    @ anom,
    I was about to start my web search for “dog-ass-jesus” when I realized that you had already linked to it. Dog-ass-jesus is my favorite.

  • I’d just like to take a moment to point out that we Christians don’t have a monopoly on this kind of crazy stuff

  • So, Jesus resides between cheetos, corn flakes, and grilled cheese…

    You learn something new every day!

  • Xeonicus

    I’ve long since grown desensitized to the collective naivety and craziness of people. I can no longer say I’m surprised.

    Btw, I have what looks like Abraham Lincoln in the wood grain of my bathroom door. It looks a bit like an alien monster too though. I’ve spent a lot of time staring at my bathroom door while taking a crap.

  • Gabriel

    I wonder why peopel seem to think it is religious so much of the time. I understand the whole pattern recogntion thing but why do people so often assume that it was done by god and isn’t just a a random occurance. I can’t look at a, well at anything really, without patterns jumping out at me. I see faces, boats, vehciles, stars, galaxies, dogs, cats girls, lots of girls but I have never once thought that it was anything but random, even as a young child I assumed it was all random.

  • Seth C.

    What figure do a lot of people claim to have seen personally when they are checked into mental hospitals? Jesus!

  • Christophe Thill

    Pareidolia at its finest!

    The little tabby must be named Jesus, then. But the little black cat must be named Lucifer, because a good cliché must never be wasted.

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