They Just Keep Getting Younger… July 29, 2008

They Just Keep Getting Younger…

And I keep getting more disturbed:

A number of thoughts immediately come to mind:

  • This makes more sense than what many adult pastors say.
  • This isn’t brainwashing because the baby doesn’t know what he’s doing.
  • This is brainwashing because the baby doesn’t know what he’s doing.
  • I wonder what role the parents had in making this happen…
  • I have $5. Can I keep the baby? It’s cute.

What else are you thinking?

(via NoGodBlog)

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  • Honestly, I have to say that this doesn’t bother me too much. Young children often love to imitate their parents (I’m assuming his father is the pastor), and he seems to be doing a fairly good job.

    Plus, his little suit is just so cute!

    I’d be much more concerned when he’s 7 and shouting and screaming at the people.

  • Wait, where’s the baby? All I see is a typical (though unusually short) Evangelical preacher ranting incoherently.

  • kungfu

    He looks tasty

  • Well, Hemant, I don’t know about you, but I can recognize a convincing argument when I hear one. That kid convinced me. I guess there is a Jesus after all. (Either that, or someone’s diaper needs changing.)

  • Jeremy

    I was raised in a borderline fundamentalist household, and my mother tells me that I did something like this when I was little. Apparently I used my jump-rope as a microphone, and danced around the house yelling about hell. (Our pastor was very animated and focused a lot on hell.)

    I guess even at a young age I knew hell was nothing to be scared of. 😛

  • Trevor

    Talk about speaking in tongues.

  • Jason

    “Wait, where’s the baby? All I see is a typical (though unusually short) Evangelical preacher ranting incoherently.”


  • It never ceases to amaze me what parents train their kids to do. Play musical instruments at a young age, college by age 5, passive aggression as an artform, authoritarian following, and of course Bible thumping. The kids are motivated by attention and approval, and who knows what drives the parents.

    A lot of parents would find some way for their kid to be on a stage “performing” with a microphone if that’s what the kid wants to do. There are more offensive things this kid could be spouting. I do not, for example, see any advocacy of domestic violence or the objectification of women. With any luck, his parents will allow him to outgrow the microphones/shouting phase and go right on to trains and Smurfs.

  • $5? I’d give at least $6

  • Richard Eis

    Gives you a fair idea of what the father looks and sounds like.

  • Chris

    Is it just me, or does he seem a little Hitler-esque when he’s at that podium thing?

  • There was a court case in England a couple of years ago where two “parents” were getting their toddlers to fight and then filming it. This reminded me of that for some reason.

  • This . . . this is the most adorable thing ever. My biological clock just went into overdrive. Anyone wanna help make some babies? Don’t worry, we do it pretty much in the same way Dr Frankenstein produced his progeny.

  • Yeah, that’s kind of how pastors sound to me.

  • Joseph R.

    $5.00…come on Hemant. Babies are messy and poopy and make a lot of fuss and noise. Would it really be worth your five dollars? Or…should you take that five dollars and go down to your local bar and buy a beer? Just a thought.

  • nacky

    This reminds me of when my kids would babble into the toy telephone. They had my intonation down pat. Brabbeldy brabble, sentence, brabbeldy brabble intonation going up, question, pause, listen brabble. The scary one was pause “ha ha hahehe ha” brabble. I’m assuming the video was made because someone found the infant imitating the pastor humorous and that the “amen”s in the background are just for flavor. The child, however, must have been subjected to a number of sermons, which just seems weird to me.

    On the other hand, as a wee kid I supposedly imitated Dinah Shore, coming down the stairs blowing kisses.

  • They should watch out about letting kids preach, joking or otherwise. My experience preaching as a teenager set me on the road to atheism.

  • cipher

    I don’t think it’s cute. It’s laying the foundation for a fundamentalist mindset. I see it as child abuse. The baby should be taken away from them. But, then, I think that most of them should have their kids taken from them (I’ve become a vindictive bastard.)

    If I lived near Kirk and Chelsea, I’d be calling Social Services every day.

  • ubi dubius

    Cipher, you might cause Social Services to get an unlisted number!

  • John

    I strongly recommend you watch the Academy Award winning documentary “Marjoe” especially when he talks about his parents ‘smothering him a little’ when he had trouble memorizing his ‘impromptu sermons.’

    Here’s what says.

    “This classic Academy Award winner is a remarkable behind-the-scenes expose of Marjoe Gortner an evangelist child prodigy who grew up to expose himself as a fraud. MARJOE is the ferocious and extraordinary chronicle of a firebrand evangelical preacher who wholeheartedly and humorously exposes himself as a fraud. An evangelist prodigy at the age of four the film captures an adult Marjoe as he recounts how he discovered the seductions of the 60s counterculture and dropped out of preaching only to return later using his swaggering bravado to woo Pentecostal audiences out of their offerings.”

  • Seth C.

    My dad seemed to think he was yelling something his bum…perhaps they need to change his diaper!

    But, before you know it, he’ll be asking Satan to show himself and we all know what happens when little brainwashed evangelical kids do that…

    P.S. Are any of you up for a baby roast? Heck, I might take a bite out of him without his parents permission! 🙂

  • lolol.

    Hmm. When I had a microphone, i usually sang. Poor people who have heard my singing.

    Don’t you think it’s a shame when the prey are cute? Though on my computer, it loaded 3 seconds then died. I can’t seem to resurrect it. Oh, where’s Jesus when you need him.

  • Disturbing, absolutley, but also FRIGGIN ADORABLE! And funny as hell. Funnier, actually, even if you imagine Hitler there with a different pineapple up his ass every day…(movie ref)

  • Mriana

    What in the world?! Even my younger son was saying, “WTF?!” I don’t think the toddler knows what he is doing. I’d be surprised if he did, but it is a total brainwash what they are doing and starting very young with him at that.

  • Seth C.


    I do hate it when the prey is cute but oh well, somebody has got to eat babies, especially potentially brainwashed evangelical babies…

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