An Atheist Talks to Jesus July 22, 2008

An Atheist Talks to Jesus

(via EHP Blog)

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  • Jacob Dink

    This is stupid.

  • Not even sure how this made it on here. It’s offensive, and adds nothing.

  • TXatheist

    My advice, put it on mute. The words are direct and honest. The background noise is unnecessary.

  • That’s a pretty terrible video. Given that it’s a bunch of words with stick figure animations, the creator of the video would have been better off just writing an essay and skipping on the shitty visuals. And the words aren’t great, either. It’s a load of self-congratulatory shit, which is only compounded by the background music.

    “LOL CHRISTIANITY SUCKS” *metal music plays to show what a badass the author’s proxy stick figure is*

    And I’m an atheist.

  • Yeah, I really didn’t care for this one…

    *points to what I like Tea said*

    Yeah, what he said.

  • QrazyQat

    It’s better than a Chick Tract, but that’s the lowest of bars.

  • The opening music is Baidin Fheilimi and it’s old Irish song about a chieftain who in trying to escape his enemies is shipwrecked and killed. I’m sure it was picked for sounding like something that might be a hymn and it is obscure so I’m sure not many know what the song is but it’s very very funny to me.

    Otherwise yeah that kind of sucked.

  • Jacob Dink

    …no offense to Hemant.

  • Paul

    Wow, this is terrible. Stuff like this makes us look as bas as the worst of fundamentalists. I mean, you don’t have to post everything tangentially related to the subject matter, do you?

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