Religiously-Protected Bigotry July 21, 2008

Religiously-Protected Bigotry

As usual, Rudis Muiznieks shines the light on the religious hypocrisy:




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  • Pseudonym

    Great cartoon. I particularly like it that the guy on the right didn’t deny being intolerant and hateful. Perfect example of the tu quoque fallacy.

    Oh, yeah, the guy on the left is a hypocritical jerk.

  • ubi dubius

    It reminds me of a conversation two of my brothers had a few years ago while vacationing together. I’m paraphrasing, since I was not a witness:

    Brother 1: “Look at that marvelous canyon god made for us!”
    Brother 2: “Yeah, god and a billion years of geology.”
    Brother 1, later, to me, “I can’t believe he’s such a jerk, you just don’t question someone’s beliefs like that! I’m never vacationing with him again!”

  • Justin

    Just saw the cartoon this morning: right before coming to this site 🙂
    There is definitely a double standard inherent in much of religious belief. I mean, the Bible justifies genocide and eternal torture but says we non-believers are incapable of morality. That is a true “WTF” moment.

  • David D.G.

    I **loved** this particular comic. An expression regarding an impact upon the head of a nail comes to mind.

    ~David D.G.

  • Emily

    gotta love Cetic. *thumbs up*

  • My husband and I had almost the exact same conversation with my brother in law yesterday. His kids are no longer allowed around us because we are hateful, angry people. We put “atheist” quotes (actually they’re just intellectual quotes) on a blackboard in our kitchen and we own books that are non-Christian and this offends them. When we pointed out that it does not offend us that he *painted* a Bible verse on his wall, has pictures of Jesus all over his house, and leaves Left Behind books lying around, he told us that was different. He never did explain how that is different…it just is. So frustrating!

  • Polly


    It’s totally different.
    You put up intellectual quotes and read books.
    He fills his home with drivel and religio-american dreck.

    You should inform the B-I-L that if you ever have kids, you don’t want to risk dumbing them down by letting them go over to his house.

  • Axegrrl

    Great cartoon 🙂 I’ve been reading/engaging in some discussions on the whole “we’re not homophobic, we’re just following the Bible and the Bible states that homosexuality is an abomination” issue, and this cartoon is a nice, concise counter to such tripe 🙂

  • Polly,

    You know what’s funny….I have 2 kids and they have never been banned from their cousins’ house. Actually, we’ve had some good discussions about religion after visiting my in-laws’ house. My son asks his cousins questions all the time about their god, but my in-laws have said that is no longer allowed. I guess questioning is bad. They once told my son that he would burn in a bonfire when he dies….at that point, I decided that our kids would not be allowed to go to church with their cousins, but they are still allowed to go to their house ….if I’m with them. 🙂

  • Polly


    That’s how it is. It’s always the ones who claim to have the Truth, that are so easily threatened by other beliefs.

    They once told my son that he would burn in a bonfire when he dies

    That’s awful!
    Yeah, parental discretion is definitely needed with so many childish adults in the world. 🙂

  • Cetic is great.

    And this strip is one of the best I’ve ever seen so far… It reminds me of so many people’s reactions about what my dad can or can’t talk about near other people.

    And actually, a nephew of his wanted to talk with him to test his faith and knowledge!

  • Spork

    So…why are you afraid to poke fun at a silly fucking cracker, or tell a proselytizing repairman to get the hell outta your house again?

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