Paperback Fiction July 19, 2008

Paperback Fiction

No books were moved for the purposes of this picture. This is actually what the setup looked like at a Borders:


(via lacychenault)

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  • Talk about truth in advertising.

  • Well, yes. Anne Rice converted to Christianity and she wrote a fictional book about Jesus Christ as a child.

  • TheDeadEye

    Do Christians believe in vampires?

  • Humorous, but no one ever claimed that Anne Rice’s “Christ the Lord” novel was anything but fiction.

    (Actually, it pissed a lot of religious people off.)

  • That almost looks like someone altered the book display before you got there. Did you ask the clerks about it?

  • Siamang

    Does the photographer, or even you, Hemant, know that the book is indeed a work of fiction?

  • Not my picture. I don’t believe it was altered, though. And I assume the photographer knew the book was fictional.

    To me, the justaposition of the Fiction banner and the book’s title was the funny part 🙂

  • cipher

    I love how people convert to Christianity after they’ve made millions of dollars doing stuff of which Christians don’t approve, such as writing about the occult. Jesus, if I become a Christian, can I have that much money? What’s it worth to you, Lord?

  • Andrew

    I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday and someone had put L.Ron Hubbard’s ‘Dianetics’ on the top-shelf, by itself of the Science Fiction section… I laughed when I saw it and took a picture with my phone.

  • Jen

    Sometimes I think about having some fun like this- moving the books around- but I think I get distracted by- LOOK AT THE SHINY BOOKS! Yay!

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