Robert Price to Speak in Indiana July 14, 2008

Robert Price to Speak in Indiana

Biblical scholar Robert Price will be in Fort Wayne, Indiana in a few weeks to talk about his new book Top Secret: The Truth Behind Today’s Pop Mysticisms.

All the details of the event can be found here. If you’re in the area, go check it out; this is an event well worth attending!

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  • If you want to hear an interesting interview about the book, “Top Secret,” click here.

  • Jason

    I live in Fort Wayne. I will try to attend.

  • Christophe Thill

    I know Robert Price for another reason: he’s one of the top specialists of horror writer HP Lovecraft. In fact he told on day that he had problems with the church he was affiliated when he declared that he “accepted HPL as his personal savior”…

  • Reading the review at, it seems he is very sympathetic to Buddhism. This is very interesting to me.

  • VorJack

    “Reading the review at, it seems he is very sympathetic to Buddhism. This is very interesting to me.”

    Price spends about a chapter talking about the history of Buddhism in order to properly classify certain streams of new age thought. Price is appreciative of certain lines of eastern thought, including some in Hinduism and Buddhism, but as a form of psychological insight rather than spiritual or religious practice.

    For what it’s worth, I found the book to be quite good. But it is not a casual debunking of new age beliefs. He spends the majority of the book explaining the nature of each new age or new thought work and connecting it to its antecedents. He will often spend more time ferreting out something useful from the line of thought than he spends criticizing the work. It’s not always an easy read.

    If you’re curious, he’s tackling Hindusim right now in his Bible Geek podcast ($2 a show).

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