Your Best Blog Post? July 13, 2008

Your Best Blog Post?

Simple question:

What blog post are you proudest of writing?

Note that it may not necessarily be your most popular posting.

Personally, I was very happy with Why I’m Not an Angry Atheist. I’ve cited it in a number of my talks and the post still applies today.

I’ll also mention my interview with Mike Jones, the male escort who was the subject of former pastor Ted Haggard‘s sex scandal. I felt like a real reporter for this one 🙂 I read his book, I got the interview, I met up with him (with pages of questions), recorded and transcribed our talk, and I felt I got information from him that the mainstream media didn’t (or couldn’t) cover. It didn’t get the response I had hoped for, but I didn’t mind. I thought I did a good job with that one.

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  • Ron in Houston

    I really enjoy your blog. I do think you need to write more books. Maybe we should solicit book ideas?

  • I actually have a whole list of my favorite posts linked from my sidebar (under “Classic Pensees”), so it’s a little hard to narrow down to just one or two.

    I guess I still think my post on “What is Justice?” is one of my best in that it exhibits both brevity and depth. In fact, I turned in a modified version of it for my recent grad school application.

    I also think my two posts defining the Emerging Church (What is the Emerging Church? and The Converging Church) are some of the best descriptions/taxonomies of the EC out there and I still wish they had garnered slightly more attention in emerging circles.

  • My favorite post (comic) is probably
    this one
    which was one of my first ones…
    which sums up my main beef with Christianity.

  • The blog post I’m most proud of? Probably this one.

  • ‘m brand-new to this blogging-with-a-purpose thing. I’ve kept a personal blog for years, but it’s of no interest to people who aren’t already my friends, and was never meant to be. My new blog focuses on debunking ghosts and hauntings rather than religion. Yeah, it may not be as important from a cultural-political perspective, but I find it much more interesting and fun. Besides, I doubt I could contribute much of value to the already-excellent atheist blogosphere.

    I’m pretty proud of my We be debunkin’ the Ouija post. It’s pretty close to a perfect balance of humor, analysis of claims made by believers, rational explanation of the phenomenon, and ridicule of those who deserve it. It’s what I aim for with every post, and usually miss. Oh well. I’ll get better with practice, I’m sure.

  • I think I’m going to go with this one, Darwin’s Dagger: The Atheist’s Dilemma, because it relates somewhat to this whole wafergate thing.

  • I don’t often write about my atheism on my blog, but I think this is one of my all-time favorite posts: In Which I Am a Threat to American Society. It sparked lively conversation among my family members, anyway.

  • Ron in Houston


    I’m glad you asked this question. I’m getting a whole lot of exposure to other bloggers.

    Darwin’s Dagger

    While I liked others’ posts, yours really resonated with me.

  • J
  • Like many people I have a list of “favorite posts” (mine, not readers’) on my blog, but I think the one entitled American Idol, Landfills, and Juvenile Justice is probably the one I’m proudest of, even if I did quit watching American Idol because I finally couldn’t ignore how fucking homophobic they are anymore.

  • John

    I’ve really enjoyed reading these posts. Here is my contribution. It is a little recent, but it’s the first thing I’ve been proud of in a while.

  • My most popular single post is the one that actually tests James Randi’s claim about counterfeit money detector pens.

    My highest traffic post in the shortest time is my post with background on Ray Comfort.

    My proudest post is why “Jesus loves you, but he hates your new wife“.

    I get the most google searches on my Atelier series.

  • The posts I’m proudest of are the ones where, rather than just having pointed out something interesting, I was able to add a fresh perspective and say something really new. Because of that, I think the post I’d pick is this one. It was about a study on gender differences that got a pretty superficial interpretation in the popular press (and, to an extent, in the original paper itself) and I tried to dig a bit deeper into the data and what it all meant.

  • OK, if I had to choose one, I guess it would have to be my very first post (What does that say about my writing?), John Von Neumann and the Mathematician’s Trap. It’s the reason I started blogging, and it’s still my favorite.

  • Hemant, I agree that your Mike Jones interview was fab. Like ‘Ghost of MN’ above, my blog is personal rather than topical; however, on the topic at hand I’m fairly pleased with this post: Five moments in the evolution of an atheist. Will enjoy reading others’ best insights and perhaps finding some fresh meat for the feed bag (Google reader).

  • Lauren

    I don’t write many blog posts that are anything to be proud of. That said, a post I wrote on the lies I was told about sex by the Christian community is probably my favorite.

  • My techie posts aside (since I only run a single, rather hodgepodge blog), I suppose I have to give props to my piece “I am” which has probably received the most positive attention of any post I’ve ever written.

    My review of a megachurch in Kentucky last year was a source of some unexpected controversy.

    Though it’s not where I am anymore and it didn’t garner as much attention as I’d have liked, I was also pretty pleased with this post.

  • Did Hemant just ask us to plug our blog? I will oblige!

    My favorite: Absence of evidence and the Bayesian. It’s mathematical proof that absence of evidence is evidence of absence (given a few assumptions).

    If I were to confine myself to atheism, my favorite is How to recursively divide atheists.

  • The Mike Jones interview was brilliant. I was totally unsurprised that the Human Rights Campaign dissed him. I’d love to follow up and asked him if Bil Browning or any of today’s big name activists are acknowledging him. Or any of the sex worker activists?

  • In the Facebook Atheist, Agnostic, andNon-Religious group I just made a d-ck joke.

  • Great posts, everyone! I especially liked “Introducing Egbert” by J. It was so simple yet said so much… very thought provoking. (and cute.)

    I really can’t say I have a favorite of my own writing. Perhaps I could point to the most recent one, because my thoughts are constantly evolving, broadening, and maturing.

    And I have to acknowlege FA as a huge factor in my recent growth. 🙂 Hemant, I appreicate what you are doing with your blog, and I do love your writing even if I don’t agree with everything you say.

  • So far I’d say it’s “One Issue Voters”. It sums up the many obstacles we LGBTs still face in the US, which many don’t recognize, and dispels the myth that when we vote on LGBT issues we are “One Issue Voters”. Of course it was written before the SC handed down the marriage decision here in CA, but then if it gets reversed in November the information will still apply.

  • Great posts. Still going through most of them now.

    Mine is mostly political, but the last point I make is on Religion.

    I’m pretty proud of this one.

  • RBV

    I like your blog, too. This is the post that makes me proud.

    No…there’s no porn on my site, btw.

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