Prayer vs. Google July 9, 2008

Prayer vs. Google

Seen in front of a Minnesota church:



Can anyone name one example of something Google can’t answer that prayer can answer.

Oakdale Church is also forgetting that the Church of Google does answer prayers.

(via Atheist Nation)

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  • Rob


    “Am I praying right now?”

    There’s no way Google could find a certain answer for that one.

  • Yoo

    “Am I praying right now?”

    If you need prayer to answer this question, I doubt even prayer can help you out. 😛

  • Rob

    I didn’t say you needed prayer to answer it, but it would do the trick!

  • I doubt there is anything. I mean, the first thing to think of would be health, but praying to make you better doesn’t resolve poor eating habits. Praying for money never works since if you are a church goer, your money is given to others to pray for you. Pretty redundant.

    I think the correct answer here is: nothing.

  • Allytude
  • Travis McDermott

    For any question that Google can’t answer there is the magic 8-ball.

  • David D.G.

    Sheesh. That’s nothing but boastful, empty bloody arrogance — and a rather stupid comparison, to boot.

    I saw a similar church sign the other day that said:


    I got so mad that the distraction nearly caused me to miss my turn — talk about a mingling of church and state! “Liberty,” huh? Considering the way the church does things (and has done things historically), I’d say that “Statue of Slavery” is more like it.

    ~David D.G.

  • Hold on, let me google “things that prayer answers but google doesn’t” and I’ll get back to you.

  • Miko

    Suppose we wanted to know whether prayers uttered in caves echo. Attempting to google this doesn’t work, as there are too many results about the Greek myth of Echo, etc., to find the scientific research on the subject (if there is any, which I doubt anyway). However, if we were to actually go to a cave and pray aloud, we would quickly find that the answer is ‘yes.’

    Note that one major advantage of google over prayer, beyond the obvious inefficacy of prayer, is the fact that there are no situations in which getting answers from Google requires one to be in a cave.

  • mikespeir

    I dunno. Google doesn’t do half bad. I’ve had a lot more success with it than I ever did with prayer.

  • I was under the impression [or misconception] that Google doesn’t really answer questions, but rather point us to the resources which can!!!

    At which point we must also use discernment to decipher the truth from deception.

    Prayer can work much the same way. To some, they get a feeling that God has given them an answer but they don’t test it to determine if the answer lines up with the absolute TRUTH found in God’s word.


  • Well, I have to admit I like this sign!
    Maybe prayers can give me the lyrics of this song, since google can’t…

  • Richard Wade

    For some people, “the answer” to any question is not accurate information, it’s the reaffirmation of their preconceived notions or the appeasing of their fears. If they don’t get one or both of those, they feel that they didn’t get their answer.

  • They had me at “There are some questions that Google just can’t answer”…

    …but then they totally lost me.

  • Wes

    Pray for porn!

  • “Nothing fails like prayer.”

  • cipher

    At which point we must also use discernment to decipher the truth from deception.

    Uh, huh. You may want to try it sometime.

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