Obama Babies July 9, 2008

Obama Babies

This is everything I love all rolled into one.

Barack Obama and babies in boxes.




All I need now is money for shipping.

And a child.

(via Chicagoist)

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  • I love it! And I’m passing it on to all my friends with babies!!

  • Varda

    Can I ship myself in the box?
    I have the vacation days.
    I just can’t decide if I’d want a Hug or Hope.

  • TheDeadEye

    What’s the cheapest way to ship a baby to Obama? If I write some words on my baby’s belly with a magic marker, does she qualify for Media Mail shipping? Also, I don’t feel like driving all the way to the Post Office; I’ll just mail my baby from the corner mail box. On Friday. After 7pm.

  • ubi dubius

    Can I mail my 14 year old?

  • Cade

    If he doesn’t eat the baby, I’m not impressed.

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