Don’t Give It Away! July 7, 2008

Don’t Give It Away!

This picture made me smile 🙂

(Click image for larger version)


In case you wanted to check it out for yourself.

(via MarsToSirius)

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  • David D.G.

    And don’t tell anybody that in Titanic, the boat sinks.


    ~David D.G.

  • I always read the last page first ‘cos i can’t stand suspense–I need to know what happens, dammit!

    But that big book of his didn’t give anything away–even when I read the second volume. I assume we’re waiting for a third to complete the trinity?

  • @Metro

    I assume we’re waiting for a third to complete the trinity?

    Is this what you’re looking for?

  • What I always wanted: photos of a Nordic Jesus. 🙂

  • DSimon

    Metro: The third part is actually still in progress. Most likely it’ll be a Summer 2009 release.

  • You mean Jack Chick isn’t one of the consultants?
    *Sigh of disappointment.*

    Maybe I’ll just wait for one of the movies …

  • I think it would be cool if someone made a movie based on Jesus, from the Islamic point of view. Different kind of story. For example, he was such a peacenik, he was against eating all kinds of animals, which is the same point of view as book one of the Essene Gospel of Peace. Also, he was saved from the crucifixion and never died until a ripe old age.

  • Vincent

    Oh my nogod!
    That is so funny I can barely type – not the spoiler line, which is cute, but if you read the actual character biography you will be rolling.

    First there’s the really bad spelling and words that aren’t words. Then the atrocious grammar. Then the fact that half the time it’s he/him/his and the other half it’s He/His/Him.
    But the clincher is in the last paragraph which I quote here:

    On Tuesday, He had dinner with the Apostles and instaured the Eucharist, with which he formed the New covenant with His followers and promised them eternal live. After that, He and His Apostles went to pray to The Olive Garden, where the Bible states that Jesus was arrested and sentenced to die in a crucifixion.

    And I hear the bread sticks and linguine at the Last Supper were to die for.

  • What? You mean Mel Gibson isn’t filming a sequel to Passion of the Christ? Can I trust nothing that I see in Family Guy?

  • Gabriel

    I love the fact that it identifies Jesus as having the middle name “Howard”.

  • Well his dad wasn’t Jewish, you know. Perhaps it’s a family name.

    Boy that’d change a few thing, eh?

    “In the beginning was Howard.”
    “I am Howard, thy God …”

    It’d explain what he was doing all those years between lecturing the Pharisees at the temple when he was twelve and popping up with his mission at nearly thirty. Obviously he’d tried to duck out on the fame–the rubber chicken dinners, the lecture circuit–and was living quietly under his given name.

    From now on, true believers who strike their thumbs with hammers are going to have another option!

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