One More Inkblot… July 5, 2008

One More Inkblot…

Quick! What do you see?


Hard to figure it out, I know…

(via morgantj)

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  • Ubi Dubium

    All hail His Noodliness!


  • Matt


  • This site has been Touched by His Noodly Appendage.

  • Vorlons? (Or was that the Shadows?)

  • 5ive

    OK. Maybe it is because I have kids, but I definitely see a Lego Aquanaut squid diver.

  • Gabriel

    one of the war ships used by the shadows in Babylon 5.

  • andrew


  • Javier

    FSM his noodily appendage has touched us all RAMEN!!

  • Chris

    A lobster.

    Which reminds me of the B-52s.

  • It’s a freak of nature, a mixture between a fly and a snake! RUN!

  • chancelikely

    A dreadlocked snake.

    Actually, it looks like both Cthulhu and the FSM. Which makes me wonder if you’ve ever seen the two of them in the same place at the same time. Like Clark Kent and Superman, or Big Bird and Oscar.

  • All of these ink blots looked like vaginas to me. I guess it’s time to get laid.

  • Spartan

    It’s the Flying Spaghetti Monster! This site has been blessed by His Noodliness! What a glorious day to be a Pastafarian.

  • Wilford Brimley (if disguised as a vagina)

  • John Morales

    I see a hairy and pustulating asp, bifurcate tongue extended.

    PS A vagina?!?!?!!111

  • llewelly

    Looks like something a cat would cough up.

  • It tells me that I need to REALLY scale back on the amount of hentai that I watch.

  • Richard Wade

    Cruella Deville turned into a fly.

  • Maria

    a spider

  • Cthulhu.

  • jim

    the holy trinity eating spaghetti at the last supper. God was there, look closely at Da Vinci’s art. He’s in the potato salad. Or the Details. I can’t really remember.

  • Thanks for the subconscious carbo-load!

    (For a second I thought it was one of PZ’s cephalopods.)

  • Without a doubt, the FSM.

  • Allytude


  • alcari

    Looks like a Vargouille.

  • Hum… I first saw some big eyed bug, to be sincere.

    Then the Vorlons.

  • kay

    A pissed off puffer fish.

  • RC

    Nobody’s said Matrix Sentinel yet?

  • Atheists for Zeus

    I see myself in the morning.

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