The Satanic Atheistic Propaganda of Star Trek June 29, 2008

The Satanic Atheistic Propaganda of Star Trek

Sometimes I watch videos and I hope the people are joking… but deep down, I know they’re not.

And that’s just sad.

This guy says atheists have never made any contributions to science. And they never will. And adds that the atheist religion is very intolerant… “More Godless than Satanism… more violent than Islam… more anti-science than Scientology.”

Oh, and you’re all Nazi Commies.

That’s why he’s so over Star Trek.

This is a joke, right?


(Thanks to Skylar and Sage for the link!)

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  • Daryl

    “It’s more Godless than Satanism.” That made me laugh.
    I wonder if the video continued to state that Christianity is more Christian than Buddhism.

    I’m not sure of his age, but I assume is about my age, this is deeply embarrassing. Then again, the fact that there’s people like this have killed all my hopes for a bright future.

  • High-lair-eeeee-usss.

    I love the shelf of garfields behind him.

    Have hope, Daryl. All it will take is him falling in love with some bad girl atheist communist to corrupt him.

    Hey, us Buddhists are more obscure than atheists. What would he do when someone gets through to him that most Buddhists are non-theists?

    Here’s the capper for me: he said of GR: “this is his propaganda….this is his scripture.”

    Ha ha. so he admits the two can be equated.

  • Ashes

    That was a nice fake grunt lifting that 300-or-so page paperback book.. *laughs* But seriously.. I’m somewhat relieved there was no YouTube back when I was a kid. There exists no record of me proclaiming that a moment of silence in my school wasn’t good enough and we needed a real prayer time so the poor kids who weren’t getting religion at home could get it at school…. Not exactly my proudest moment. 😉

  • The Unbrainwashed

    This is so sad and simultaneously one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I love the claim that atheists have never offered anything to science. HAHAHA! And man was that kid a nerd, albeit an irrational, idiotic one.

  • ryot

    I am going to be a really shallow anti-science commie for a moment and say that kid has a really unfortunate haircut.

    I never realized that evolution would lead us back into the dark ages. It makes perfect sense and is in no way a non sequitur. I think I’m going to be a Christian so I can be peaceful, tolerant, and pro-science.

  • Probably thinks his tie-dye shirt is too gay, too.

    Religion is absent in Star Trek? It’s as if he’s never watched an episode of Deep Space Nine or Voyager, in which religion is given all sorts of screen time. Lots of boys like him whacked it to Kira, the most religious trek character of all time and one who’s religious and violent tendencies are what the other characters find most endearing. And Sisqo, a federation (read: atheistic) officer becomes the leader of a planet-wide religion, and even joins its gods.

    This guy’s a total liar. He has all that junk, sure, but clearly he either hasn’t watched much of star trek, or he’s just lying through his teeth about every detail.

    And no atheist has ever contributed to science?

    Yes, I’d say it’s satire, but creationists and other forms of fundamentalist or evangelical really are this stupid.

    Communism is when money doesn’t exist? News to me. Makes me wonder what all those bills with stalin’s and Mao’s faces were doing.

  • Andrew

    Star Trek is stupid… The show is cheesy, though I can bear Voyager and Enterprise. But worst of all… the science is sooooo bad.

    This kid lost his facisnation with the show when he found out that Rodenberry was an atheist… whoopadiedooo.

    I feel sorry for this kid having to reach out to people through the internet. I’m sure he gets a lot of shit from kids at school. Not to mention he beats off like three times a day and feels HORRIBLE about it.

    But when he gets to college, he’s gonna change. He’s clearly taking an interest in what he believes, he just doesn’t get it yet.

    I was there once too.

  • Anticontrame

    Sheesh. I’m glad guys like him weren’t writing the episodes.

    Father-Captain’s log, Jesusdate July 31, 2369 AD: The Evangelize and her crew have just finished the survey of the Shadrach system, and I’m happy to report the complete absence of life (as is so far the case with every planet but Earth). With each passing mission, we confirm our sacred belief that God created this universe solely for man, thereby proving the inerrancy of a literal interpretation of Genesis, and disproving the preposterous and outdated religious dogma of the twenty-first century atheistic Evolutionist. Lieutenant Commander La Forge informs me that he has successfully installed the Intercessory Attenuation Unit, which should boost the performance of the Prayer Drive, hopefully extending the range of our holy mission up to eleven percent, and may even bolster the effectiveness of our Imprecatory Torpedoes. I am still troubled, however, by our progress with Lieutenant Commander Data. The Theology Department informs me that despite yesterday’s ship-wide vigil, we are still in the dark when it comes to the existence of “his” soul. I fear this might be one mystery that only Jesus himself can solve.

  • anon

    He seems a few years older than me, and I really feel bad for the guy. He obviously hasn’t done any real research on atheism, and has just been listening to his parents/pastor/religious teachers. He seems like he is potentially intelligent, which pains me most!

    Once he gets to college, hopefully he’ll be enlightened.

    “They don’t have common sense, I mean, they believe in evolution.” (probably not an exact quote)


  • Wow, was Gene Roddenberry really an active atheist? If he was then strap a Cornish pasty to my head and call me a Klingon.

    It makes me wonder about the invention of characters like Q. Godlike, immortal, omnipotent (or near as dammit), omniscient and immoral. Humans are little more than playthings of passing interest and occasional diversion for the Q. Why should the Christian god be any different? I’m not mocking, I’d like to know.

  • I too am glad that YouTube didn’t exist when I was younger. I know I said many things in the name of Christianity that I now consider ridiculous.

    I think this was my favorite line from the video: “If that doesn’t violate the Prime Directive I don’t know what does.”

  • Stephen M.


    It sounds like his homeroom teacher has spun his head. Interesting that he doesn’t consider what is currently happening to him brainwashing.

    All this kid needs is a few unbiased minutes of critical thought about they stuff flying through his head.

    But wow he sure has that evangelical aire about him doesn’t he.

  • Mark Browne

    I just felt terribly sorry for him. It was deeply sad watching someone so deluded be so public about that delusion.

  • Josha

    I don’t understand how people are so obsessed with Star Trek, or any show for that matter. They are fictional, so what’s the point of a klingon to English dictionary? I can understand ethusiasm, buying some merch, but he’s taken it to the next level.

  • Mark, I’ve now watched a few more of his videos and I’ve felt that way the whole time. He’s very clearly parroting what he’s been taught and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day he regretted it. Very sad indeed.

  • For a guy who claims to be a former huge Trekkie he certainly is ignorant of just about every episode that deals with religion. Including “Who Watches the Watchers,” several episodes in TOS, and just about the entirety of Deep Space 9.

  • Anatoly, if you watch some of his other videos you will see that Star Trek is not all he is ignorant about.

  • Becksi

    You probably already guessed what he thinks about homosexuals, but you can listen to it here:
    (start listening at 9:35)

    and here:
    (at the beginning)

  • ngl

    i lasted 20 seconds into the video. can’t take that much dumb this early in the morning.

  • Fundies are like apes in a way. They only seem to have two emotions: fear and not-fear. But then again, that’s not terribly fair to the apes.

  • If he doesn’t want any of that stuff anymore, will he give it to me?

  • This is what happens when a young head full of mush gets sent to Vacation Bible School or a Christian summer camp and doesn’t have the perspective to realize that the people preaching at him are full of shit.

    I have heard numerous fundie nuts rant on and on about how evil Star Trek is, its old news.

  • Wow…

    that’s all I can say.

  • TXatheist

    For you youtube fans I now realize Glenn Reb has a kid just like him, sorry kid.

  • Lol

    Conveiniantly forgetting Christians killed millions in the name of God.

    Lol, so misguided.

  • sabrina

    The scariest thing about this (besides his grasp of history and forms of government) is that his homeroom teacher effectively converted him. Instead of teaching him, or whatever homeroom teachers do, this teacher took his government (ie. tax payer) paid time to preach a sermon about the evils of a television show. I mean, how would he know his homeroom teacher was a pastor? I didn’t know what my teachers were, outside of school. He has taken this kid, who probably before didn’t care much about religion, and turned him into a raving fundie. That’s scary.

  • Finn

    Call him what you will, but he’s no nerd. Nerds tend to be into, you know, academic and intellectual pursuits. Nerds are SMART. This kid is skirting the line between geek (obsessed with hobby) and dork (socially retarded). But since I’M a geek, I’m more inclined to stick him in the second category.

    I want to know if his parents know what he’s doing, since he certainly seems high school aged. I know personally mine would have flipped if I was posting videos of myself on YouTube when I was ~16, especially inflammatory ones which just attracted abuse and mocking. No one wants their kid’s ignorance and dorkiness broadcast to the world. (I’m picturing college admissions people stumbling over these – from real colleges, you know, not religious ones. Good luck getting in anywhere, kid.)

  • At least he’s right on the money about atheism being more godless than Satanism.

  • He did mention he was in a Christian school, which explains the sermon from his teacher and how he knew his teacher was a pastor.

    My husband grew up on Star Trek (encouraged by his father, a Christian school teacher and my husband himself went to school K-12 in Christian schools). As atheists now, we really enjoy watching Star Trek episodes and pointing out anti-religion, pro-humanism themes. Makes them much more interesting. I wonder if my FIL ever picked up on them.

    I hope this kid learns to think for himself as he grows up. Many of us have, so there is hope.

  • Richard Wade

    Sad. He’s clearly parroting sound bites from his parents or preacher. Teens tend to do that but most grow out of it. On the bright side, because this video will last forever there is no way he could ever run for office and win. Imagine his opponent digging this up.

  • Samuel Skinner

    For those that don’t know, Star Trek has some flaws.
    For an indepth look go to
    Rodenbury was an atheist and pushed that, along with secular humanism, pacifism, communism… it is a mixed bag for those of us who were atheists and watched. Yes, the Feds are communists.

    However, he only had total control over The Next Generation. TOS was Christian, DS9 was… its own thing (borrowed from Christianity), VOY was new age and an insult to science repeatedly- those of you who are not familar with the atrocity that starts with a T and ends with and H (may its name never be spoken so you don’t wonder and are drawn into its madness)- is one of the worst depictions of evolution in Star Trek… in a series that repeatedly butchered evolution.

    For the (non rabid) fans the only joy comes from places like these

  • Punters may be interested in my Star Trek Guide to Christianity

    Never say we Christians can’t laugh at ourselves

    On a more serious note, hoverFrog said, “Why should the Christian god be any different? I’m not mocking, I’d like to know.” In response I would point out that Q is not the foundation for of all reality within the Star Trek universe, nor does he claim to be. If you are looking for a Christian equivalent to Q, look to angels, not the Creator. That would be much closer to the mark.

  • Audrey

    Why am I remembering that there was an episode in The Original Series in which they found some world where it was run by Romans because they had never met the “son”? I always thought that was pretty blatant Christianity…

    Am I hallucinating?

  • Wow.

    1. I don’t have common sense?
    2. I don’t have morality? I haven’t killed or even seriously thought of killing anyone.
    3. And no, I don’t ‘have’ Jesus Christ. If you claim to ‘have’ him then maybe you can bring him over and we can have some wine or something.

    Also, I’m against most forms of socialism. I’m not violent and I don’t use profane language very often. It’s annoying how an answer to one question can lead people to think you’re an immoral, communist slob. Please. If you’re going to talk bad about atheists could you at least provide justification for belief in your god. If you did I would be inclined to believe. However, I have not seen any such justification.

    Actually, I’m inclined to think this is satire now… It’s so hard to distinguish now-a-days.

  • Audrey, good point, I had forgotten all about that one.

  • Tony

    Listening to this poor deluded kid, it makes me wonder just what religion he lives by that is more tolerate and enlightened than Humanism? Man, I sure would like some of his Trek crap that he hates now…notice how he was nearly gushing over the Klingon cruiser? Wow…that poor tortured kid.

  • “If that doesn’t violate the Prime Directive I don’t know what does.”

    I believe in that episode Piccard was trying to undo the damage done. The primitive race were atheists in nature, but upon discovering the humans with their technology, they became to believe in gods. Piccard was not violating the prime directive – he was trying to restore it, so much so he was willing to take an arrow shot at point blank range to prove he was mortal. Good episode. One of my best ones.

    This kid missed the Star Trek gay agenda. It was so tolerant it went beyond gay marriage by light years by allowing inter-species marriage. Imagine a human mating with a Vulcan or some other space weirdo. Yuk! Obviously done to pollute young impressionable minds.

    : )

  • cipher

    Fundies are like apes in a way. They only seem to have two emotions: fear and not-fear. But then again, that’s not terribly fair to the apes.

    I think it is a little unfair to apes, actually. Observations of bonobos, Koko the gorilla, Jane Goodall’s work with chimpanzees have demonstrated that they seem to be capable of compassion, abstraction, perhaps even what we would call love. The even seem to have senses of humor. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same of fundies.

  • Cipher – Missing link, perhaps?

    To think we evolved from fundies. What a chilling notion!

  • cipher

    Which would be the missing link – the apes or the fundies?

  • Cade

    I find it mildly humorous actually to hear people make completely baseless claims like that. This guy probably hasn’t even met anyone he knows was an atheist. I really don’t even care about his opinion.

    And atheism is inherently socialist? Has he read the New Testament? It’s soaked in socialistic ideals. That’s not a necessarily terrible thing, but he should at least get the facts straight on his own ideology.

  • Oh damn, I spelled it “Sisqo” up there instead of “Sisko.”‘

    Damn you pop culture.

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