Atheist Inkblots (3 of 3) June 29, 2008

Atheist Inkblots (3 of 3)

What do you see in the following image….?


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  • Oh, that’s totally a vagina. Vagina, vagina, vagina. Vagina.

  • Richard Wade

    That’s the beard on the image on the Shroud of Turin. Obviously a fake.

    So, what’s my score? How atheist am I? Huh? Huh?

  • Yoo

    Two thumbs up. Then a beard.

  • Sondra

    I see two people standing with one arm out behind them, and those tall feather type hats.

  • Trevor

    disembodied beard.

  • Amy

    2 dancing women

  • Adam

    gig em aggies!

  • H of Cashburn

    Siamese elephants with no hind legs, rearing up.

  • Aubrey

    To bunnies turning around to kiss

  • Jeff Satterley

    Two angels blessing the baby Jesus!

    or it could be a vagina…. either or.

  • llewelly

    There’s a scene in Flowers For Algernon in which the protagonist is given a Rorschach test. He sees only spilled ink, and he hopes no-one got into trouble for all that spilled ink. At that time, the protagonist was mentally retarded. Made me laugh. That’s what this series reminds me of.

  • Sara

    Bunny rabbit versions of the Easter Island statues

  • Krista

    I never see anything but vagina in these things.

  • A dancing couple.

  • It looks like a disembodied jawbone, possibly of an ass.

  • The “Beard” layer of a photoshop image of an Amish guy.

  • AMT

    It’s the beard of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The power of Christ compels you! 🙂

  • Ada

    two people facing each other and wearing very strange outfits

  • isaah vincent

    the coveted double thumbs up

  • Kat

    Is something wrong with me that all I see is splotches?
    I don’t see bunnies or a vagina, nor beards, nothing but random splotches.

  • Now I know you’ve fallen from atheistic grace. A third picture of Jesus??? And with the Virgin Mary, too?

    Say it ain’t so, Friendly.

  • P.S.
  • Peter Pan’s shadow split in two, looking at itself.

  • I always see the pelvic bone, no matter what the ink blot looks like.

  • elianara

    I see two cartoon dogs facing each other.

  • Amber

    The first thing I thought of was one of those projected polar ice cap models.

    Don’t know where that one came from.

    I honestly didn’t see a vagina this time.

  • Susan

    Two rabbits in profile as they look at each other.

  • I see George Carlin.

  • Two African women (the hair-dos) holding a blanket facing one another.

  • ash

    two thumbs up with one of those scroll thingys beneath. i suggest using it as a church of the Fonz emblem

    “in Fonz we trust”

  • Maria

    uh, a weird looking continent?

  • I see two little girls in bunny ears and bunny tails standing on a heart facing each other, about to kiss.

  • Ngeli

    I saw a shadow on the wall, like parents make them to illustrate a story for children…

  • Chad

    Lucy (from I Love Lucy) on the left, facing Wilma Flintstone on the right. They’re playing chicken in wheelchairs and are about to crash.

  • gabriel

    A stain on a tablecloth that some dip waded up and hid in the dirty clothes hamper instead of washing out and then putting a lot of shout on it and washing it. Now I have to try and scrub it out and it is going to take forever. Thanks a lot.

  • yinyang

    I see two thumbs up, two fairies, an arrow, and a bib.

  • Philip

    Definitely a fake beard ready to be donned for a fancy dress party. Who’s hosting?

  • Allytude

    Two thumbs up signs

  • Bad

    I see…. The Nozzle.

  • Hemant,

    I’d like to know what the purpose of this exercise was..?

    Anyway, I see a symbol of growing strength (possibly phallic) slowly overtaking and destroying darkness. 😉

  • Two guys giving each other a thumbs up.

  • Emily

    Optimus Prime, duh.

  • Hemant,

    I’d like to know what the purpose of this exercise was..?

    It’s a Sunday. I was out of town. It looked like fun 🙂

    (Also famous last words)

  • KeaponLaffin

    The evil bunny thing from Donnie Darko. 😉 Well, the top of it’s head anyways.

  • Looks like the island of Diego Garcia, you know, the one where the inhabitants were displaced by the British so that the Americans could build a military base.

  • Beth B.

    A small continent with a huge bay in the middle of it.

  • Tyler Nothing

    Link, from Legend of Zelda… looking into a mirror obviously…

  • laterose

    I see a clown. A freaky clown face grinning at me.

  • Ben

    Ummm…a really crappy map of the UK that someone accidentally smushed against the other side of the paper? Is that how you spell smushed?

  • Yoo

    From Kat:

    Is something wrong with me that all I see is splotches?
    I don’t see bunnies or a vagina, nor beards, nothing but random splotches.

    Yes. You are an evolved human being who is capable of filtering out random patterns from being recognized as real patterns and thus does not suffer from pareidolia. As a mutant, there is by definition something wrong with you. 😉

  • A deformed rabbit monster dancing in a mirror. Naked.

  • stogoe

    Two thumbs up, then a kick-ass beard, then two Elvis impersonators leaning in for a smooch.

  • Tracy

    A beard…just a funny beard.

  • dug.inn

    I could never see the sailboat in those darn old ‘magic eye’ images either! I feel so inadequate – think I’ll go eat worms.

  • pelvic bone

  • Alyx

    two bras or bikini tops attatched to a mini skirt

  • LogicRules

    2 Mayan priests Looking at each other

  • A smiley face in tears.

    (Does this mean I’m emo?)

  • Ni

    A perfectly symmetrical colony of bacteria or fungus.

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