Atheist Inkblots (2 of 3) June 29, 2008

Atheist Inkblots (2 of 3)

What do you see in the following image….?


Last one coming up!

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  • Adam

    A tiger, climbing a mountain.

  • elianara

    I see two animals climbing a structure or house.

  • Abe Lincoln fucking a panda bear.

  • Sara

    A trilobite

  • Richard Wade

    Where’d you get that? That’s my family coat of arms on the coffee mug I got in a tourist trap genealogy specialty store in Scotland years ago. A female pelvis flanked by two bears with erections atop a pile of burning garbage. Not sure what the symbolism means, but it’s great to know that my family has a proud history.

    Hemant, do you have the same kind of coffee mug? Are we distant cousins?

  • Sondra

    I also see two animals climbing a pagoda thing

  • Amber

    At first I kind of saw a pelvis. Then I looked closer and saw a praying bull with wings. Hm..

  • I’m looking through a hole out into the space. There are objects/organisms/creatures that have floated out into the space already. They are leading the exploration. There is a connection/pattern, and I sense there’s more… the pattern is to be continued…

  • Allytude


    Have been watching a lot of strange films lately

  • Jeff Satterley

    Looks like the bottom of a horeshoe crab, except with lizards crawling up it on both sides

  • A Klingon!

  • JohnB

    Ok, this one looks like a ducky and a horsey. Yup, that’s what it is.

  • Ubi Dubium

    Either it’s two extremely small bears climbing a trilobite, or two normal bears climbing a frigging huge trilobite. I sure am glad trilobites are extinct if they got that big!

  • Yoo

    A large strict woman.

  • Hemant, are you sure you’re an atheist? This is the second picture of Jesus you’ve posted today.

  • Cade

    A couple of people already beat me to it. Trilobite jumped out at me right away.

  • Trevor

    The last place trophy for the Special Olympics.

  • An orangutan with weasels for arms.

  • Amy

    2 lizards climbing up a rock

  • mikespeir

    Try as I might, I can’t see the breasts in that ink blot. I must not be a pervert. Either that or I lack imagination.

  • Looks like a corset this one chick was wearing last night at the club. Hers was red, though.

  • Also a vagina.

  • The bottom half of a face. An alien face. I have a very specific alien race in mind, but it’s way too obscure to mention.

  • It’s two six legged bears climbing a mountain.

  • A trilobite fossil impression – but the tail fell off!

  • Ada

    very ugly corset

  • Brian E

    I see a priest molesting me as a little boy.

  • Susan

    Two bears climbing a mountain

  • I see some sort of ancient creature (similar to the Trilobite).

  • Maria

    still looks like a crab to me! (I just got back from the beach, lol)

  • philosophia

    Hm. At first it was a pelvis, then it became two weird-looking giraffe-like fossil things, except with flippers.

    …welcome to my brain o.0

  • Ngeli

    I saw a woman carrying 2 bags.

  • gabriel

    What is it with you people can’t you have a simple drink without spilling it and then hiding the stained table cloth. Damn, now I have to clean that up too.

  • yinyang

    I see a ghoul in a tattered robe, with animals climbing up its sides.

  • A suit of armor, kind of reminds me of the Big O.

  • Emily

    Some sort of beetle.

  • A hydralisk. I’m sorry I’m a game nerd. 🙁
    I’ll try to improve, I swear!

  • Aerik

    From starcraft? lulz

  • Shane


  • Tyler Nothing

    Shredder, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, was my first thought on this one…

  • laterose

    Batman’s stomach (the newer live action versions which has a six-pack molded into it for some reason).

  • A cross section of a brain. This person is mercifully free from Alzheimer’s but in many other ways is a wreck.

  • stogoe

    A trilobite or a rocketship.

  • Taki

    Pumas climbing a waffle tree.

  • Jim

    An alien pulling up her skirt

  • A bull’s head, seen from above

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